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A Better Boneless Chicken Dinner

The boneless, skinless chicken thigh might seem like a protein paradise to weary home chefs since it does not need any preparation. There are numerous reasons to like it, including the following: The dark-meat thigh is able to keep its moisture even when subjected to high heat, making it tough to dry out. This is in contrast to its more picky relative, the boneless, skinless chicken breast, which may be difficult to cook properly. Because it lacks the bone, this cut, which in England is frequently referred to as a “chicken thigh fillet,” is simpler, less time-consuming, and more tasty to make than it would be otherwise.

But its popularity is relatively new, and we could have Gene Gagliardi, the creator of Steak-umm, to thank for the increased availability of the product in current supermarkets in the United States. Steak-umm was first introduced in the 1960s. According to an article that was published on the website Serious Eats by Craig Cavallo, Mr. Galiardi offered KFC a patented process for deboning thighs using a machine in the early 1990s. This led to the development of popcorn chicken, which went on to achieve considerable commercial success.

Although it is likely that people have been deboning and skinning chicken thighs for as long as we have been eating chicken, it wasn’t until 2003 that the United States Department of Agriculture started reporting prices for this particular cut, and ever since then, the demand for boneless meat has been steadily increasing.

The seasonings of salt and pepper, as well as a couple of flips in a hot pan with oil, are all that boneless thighs need in order to be transformed into a delicious meal for those of us who like the numerous benefits that boneless thighs provide. There is a widespread belief that cooking dark meat takes longer than cooking white meat. However, when it comes to boneless chicken, the variation in cooking times is negligible, and the chicken always manages to keep its juices.

Jonathan James
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