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According to the CDC, long covid has been linked to more than 3,500 deaths in the United States

According to the findings of an investigation into death certificates conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), long covid has been directly or indirectly responsible for at least 3,500 fatalities in the United States.

It is thought that this research, which was released on Wednesday, is the first analysis of the extent to which phrases relating to extended Covid or similar terms occur in official death records in the United States. Despite the fact that such phrases were only recorded in a very small fraction of the more than one million deaths linked to infection with the coronavirus, the researchers and other experts said the results added to a growing recognition of how serious long-term medical problems can be after exposure to the COVID.

Long Covid is an intricate cluster of symptoms that may linger for months or even longer and can have an impact on almost every organ system. Problems with breathing and heart function, excessive exhaustion, cognitive and neurological impairments, and extreme tiredness are some of the most debilitating post-Covid effects.

The researchers looked at death certificates that were issued between January 1, 2020 and June 30, 2022 across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. They discovered that there were 1,021,487 death certificates that had a diagnostic code for Covid-19 as either the primary or a contributing cause of death. Out of them, 3,544, or 0.3 percent of the total, mentioned long-haul COVID or phrases similar to post-COVID syndrome, chronic COVID, or long-haul COVID.

According to Ms. Ahmad and other specialists who were not engaged in the research, the number of fatalities attributed to long-term covid exposure that was reported in the study was probably definitely an underestimate. It took some time for physicians and other medical practitioners to discover and identify the problem after it had already been present for some time.

According to Ms. Ahmad, the findings of the study revealed that more death certificates mentioned long Covid after the year 2020. The study also found that more death certificates mentioned long Covid after the year 2020.

According to the findings of the research, several of the long-term patterns of COVID in relation to age, gender, race, and ethnicity were distinct from those seen in mortality caused by the initial infection. According to the findings of the research, for instance, whereas non-Hispanic blacks and Hispanics had greater mortality rates from the first coronavirus infection than whites who were not Hispanic, those groups did not have higher death rates associated to extended Covid.

The researchers hypothesised that the disparity might be partially attributed to institutional inequalities that have led to reduced access to medical treatment for patients of African American and Hispanic descent, leading to the possibility that these individuals did not acquire proper long-Covid diagnosis.

People aged 75 and older accounted for almost 57% of fatalities attributed to long-term covid exposure. On the majority of death certificates that referenced lengthy Covid, the underlying or primary cause of death was described as a non-Covid ailment such as coronary artery disease, cancer, or Alzheimer’s disease. This was the case for about a third of the death certificates.

The Documenting Covid-19 initiative issued a second study on Wednesday that presented a picture of mortality associated to extended Covid by looking at death certificates. Additionally, the report found that 18 of the 28 deaths associated with long Covid in Minnesota during those years were in people who had worked in blue-collar jobs

The experts who evaluated the C.D.C. study cautioned that it was an incomplete picture of mortality linked to long Covid as well as of the larger toll of the condition.

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