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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Meet Dark Joseph Ravine, Who is Creating Waves of Positivity and Kindness in the Hearts of People

Kindness and positivity are two blissful traits much needed in this world. In the moment of our busy schedules, coupled with stress and chaos, a moment of joy and happiness is what we all crave. Humans are capable of sensing energy and starting to feel it in their own bodies. So, by performing positive actions, we can spread positivity throughout other people’s lives, making this world a better place to live in. One such personality who is spreading goodness in this world is Joseph Levy Cohen, popularly known as Dark Joseph Ravine, best known as the founder of Kindness for Success.

Joseph was born with the life mission of promoting kindness and positivity across the globe and inspiring others to do the same. His company offers creative branded items like t-shirts and mugs depicting positive vibes, and also allows customers to create their own customized kindness products. Joseph decided to start his own online venture after looking at the support he received from his customers as a social media influencer. He further aims to expand Kindness for Success by collaborating with media outlets and connecting with like-minded people who would like to promote positivity. 

Joseph’s mantra of business success is his uniqueness in marketing his products using kindness phrases that have never been heard before. He advises budding entrepreneurs to focus on building relationships and connecting with the public on a deeper level. “Success cannot be gained by simply promoting via ads; you need others to give your business a good name,” says Joseph. 

Joseph is not just an entrepreneur, but he has also been able to make his way in the entertainment industry. He has recently completed a reality show called Steinberg Rides Again and is presently working on an anti-bullying book. Joseph is also a motivational speaker who likes to delve deeper into subjects like self-improvement, life lessons, and kindness. 

Besides, the Canadian entrepreneur also won the Guinness World Record holder for making the longest line of arcade tickets in 2017. He enjoys doing giveaways from the prizes he wins from arcades which is his act of benevolence and spreading smiles to people. Joseph’s optimism and the act of spreading happiness is a motivating factor for humans to contribute their share in instilling peace and positivity in everyone’s hearts and minds. His venture is a valuable contribution especially in these testing times like the COVID where people have gone a step down and need a greater push to have their positivity levels up. 

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