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Nepal will reopen schools and other places as the number of viral infections declines

In response to a drop in Covid-19 cases, the government of Nepal’s capital said on Monday that it will relax draconian pandemic precautions, with plans to reopen schools and sports venues and gradually restore city life to normal.

The Nepalese government imposed stringent restrictions last month as the number of virus cases soared to unprecedented levels, fueled by the omicron virus variety. Schools were closed, religious festivities were prohibited, and restaurants were only able to serve a small number of clients.

From Monday, the Kathmandu district administration said it will eliminate restrictions on road traffic that had been imposed on cars with odd or even licence plates on alternate days of the week.

The notification also said that schools and universities will be permitted to resume in-person instruction beginning the next week.

Educators at schools that have been ordered closed since last month have been calling on the government to restore the establishments as the number of Covid-19 cases has begun to fall.

Teachers in the Himalayan nation claim that online education is only available to a tiny portion of the population who live in metropolitan areas, while the vast majority of kids are denied the opportunity to study.

Theaters, gyms, and other public facilities that have been shuttered since the beginning of the month will be permitted to reopen and function regularly. Sports arenas and stadiums would be permitted to hold half of their maximum capacity in terms of spectators.

The necessity that individuals carry their immunisation cards in public will be maintained, and social distancing measures will be implemented by the authorities.

Students and children aged 12 and above, as well as the general public, have been completely immunised in Nepal, according to official figures. Since the beginning of the epidemic, it has recorded more than 1 million coronavirus illnesses and 11,814 fatalities.

After the reduction of limitations in the capital city and neighbouring areas, it was believed that other sections of the nation would see a similar lessening of restrictions.

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