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Pad Thai Recipes: The Secrets to a Perfect Pad Thai

Instead of street sellers or restaurants, the recipes are those of scratch chefs who have altered them for use in home kitchens, where they may not have access to “genuine” ingredients, as is frequently the case. According to the chef Pailin Chongchitnant, the pursuit of authenticity might be harmful in certain cases. “People in Thailand are continually experimenting with different dishes,” she said.

As a result, grab your pan or Dutch oven out and start cooking some Thai noodles for tonight’s meal. According to Julia’s reporting, “taste might be more significant than tradition in certain situations.”

I don’t know what else to make right now. This crispy baked fish with tartar sauce is one of my favourites. Other dishes to try include this great chicken-fried steak as well as this delicious mushroom larb and these cheesy kimchi noodles (excellent in advance of a chocolate mug cake for dessert).

And I’m dying to get my hands on Pati Jinich’s newest cookbook, which includes a recipe for the classic Mexican sweet bread known as conchas, which are light, buttery brioche-style buns covered with a crisp yet tender topping that’s traditionally shaped like a seashell. Pati also included a recipe for a concha sandwich, complete with chipotle refried beans, bacon, and avocado, as a bonus — and, for some, an invitation to controversy. I’m in for both the sweet and the savoury.

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The following article by Patrick Radden Keefe in The New Yorker has nothing to do with sweetbreads or corn meal, but it is worth reading anyway. It is about how Russian billionaires “purchased” London and acquired a type of “grey flannel propriety” along the way.

After finishing all of C.J. Box’s Joe Pickett books, I decided to read one of his other creations, the alcoholic Montana investigator Cody Hoyt, which I found to be rather enjoyable. In the 2011 episode “Back of Beyond,” our hero is tasked with investigating the death of his sponsor, which looks to be a suicide — but not to Hoyt — at first glance.

Is The Atlantic publishing party reporting? Yes, absolutely. This is a photo of Lizzie Plaugic and Kaitlyn Tiffany during The Drift’s sixth issue launch party, which took place at the Jane Hotel in Manhattan, and it’s really amusing.

Finally, as Lindsay Zoladz points out in The Times, Arcade Fire has returned after a five-year hiatus with “The Lightning I, II” and “The Lightning III.” I’ll be returning on Friday, so please pay attention to that when you’re preparing your noodles.

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Jonathan James
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