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Putin Donates Historic Treasures to Church Amid Ongoing Ukraine Campaign

For over a century, people from all over the world have been to Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery to take in the stunning beauty of Russia’s most renowned icon, Andrei Rublev’s “Trinity” from the Middle Ages.

This painting of three angels is about 600 years old and is widely considered a masterpiece of Russian art.

However, President Vladimir Putin just transferred the historic icon to the Russian Orthodox Church. This is the most recent example of a growing partnership between the Kremlin and religious leaders.

Restorers and art historians are afraid that the mediaeval icon, which is incredibly fragile, may not make it outside of the Tretyakov Gallery.

Patriarch Kirill has thrown his support behind the attack, declaring that dying in Ukraine “washes away all sins,” as Russia’s invasion in Ukraine enters its second year.

Leading art historian Lev Lifshits expressed concern that the “Trinity” may be destroyed and said that the decision to transfer it to the church was motivated by politics.

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