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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Sri Lanka authorises a ‘attack’ in order to keep disturbances under control

Sri Lankan security personnel have been told to kill anybody who breaks the law on the spot in an effort to stop anti-government rallies on the island.

As a result of the island’s greatest economic crisis in its history, demonstrators are asking for President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to step down from his position.

Mahinda Rajapaksha resigned down as prime minister on Monday after violent street riots, which he blamed on his brother.

However, the resignation failed to restore peace, and violence persisted throughout the night.

Earlier this week, the government issued an order for soldiers to shoot fire on anybody who is plundering public property or inflicting “bodily injury.”

Tens of thousands of army, naval, and air force men were also sent to monitor the streets of the country’s capital, Colombo, among other things.

Despite their presence, a mob attacked the city’s senior police officer on Tuesday afternoon, accusing him of failing to do more to safeguard peaceful demonstrators.

Crowds continued to swell at Colombo’s Galle Face Green, which is located on the city’s seafront.

Since Monday, eight people have died, according to police, and more than 200 people have been injured, according to the major hospital in the city.

A number of people were hurt by pro-government mobs, while others were harmed when police sprayed tear gas into a throng of people. Lawyers representing the demonstrators informed the BBC that they were bringing legal action against supporters of the prime minister.

The curfew for the whole island has been extended till Thursday morning as police attempt to bring the violence to a close.

Evidence of yesterday night’s unrest can be seen everywhere across Colombo, including buses that have been pushed into the lake and others that have had their windows broken and tyres that are still burning.

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