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A aircraft belonging to Tanzanian Precision Air plunges into Lake Victoria

At least 19 passengers were killed when a passenger jet from Tanzania lost control and crashed into Lake Victoria while attempting to land in the town of Bukoba, which is located on the lake. According to the information provided by the operator of the plane, there were a total of 43 individuals on board.

The two pilots originally survived the crash and were able to communicate with local authorities from the cockpit, but according to the prime minister, it is possible that they have since passed away. The aeroplane went down close to the water at the very end of the runway at the Bukoba airfield.

The water did not prevent rescue workers from entering the aircraft and bringing out some of the passengers who were still trapped within. When Abdul Nuri watched the jet crash into Lake Victoria, which is the largest lake in Africa, he was at the airport waiting for his trip to Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania, when it happened.

He has had conversations with the fisherman who arrived on the spot initially. They explained to him that after the jet had crashed, a flight attendant had unlocked the back door, which allowed them to enter the aircraft and save everybody inside. The unfortunate event, which took place at about 08:50 (05:50 GMT), has been attributed to adverse meteorological conditions.

The ATR-42 aircraft has been pulled considerably closer to the coast by emergency personnel with the use of ropes, and part of the plane’s body is now visible above the water. Nearly immediately after the accident, the aircraft was almost entirely buried, with the brown and green tail fin being the only part that could be seen.

Richard Komba, a survivor of the incident, told the BBC that the weather had become worse just as the jet was ready to land, which forced the pilot to divert the aircraft away from its intended destination. “After that, we were told that we would be landing in a short while, despite the fact that there was significant turbulence. After some time had passed, we found ourselves in the lake “Mr Komba stated.

He said that a member of the cabin staff was having difficulty opening the door of the aeroplane, but that he was ultimately able to be released.

He said that the survivors were “scared” because of the large number of people who were attempting to squeeze in the one vessel, but he stated that more rescue boats came minutes later.

The Prime Minister of Tanzania, Kassim Majaliwa, said that the passengers who were rescued were in the hospital and that they were not gravely hurt; nonetheless, they were “shocked and anxious.” Earlier, Mr. Majaliwa visited the scene of the accident and said that a comprehensive investigation will be conducted in order to discover the entire circumstances of the collision.

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