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A cyberattack has been reported by a major Ukrainian internet service provider

On Monday, the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine said that Ukrtelecom, the country’s telephone and internet business, had been the target of a major cyberattack. According to the report, Russian military were responsible.

Ukraine Telecom (Ukrtelecom) is the largest internet service provider in the nation in terms of geographic coverage, and it ranks second only to Kyivstar in terms of total number of customers.

The technical security and intelligence agency of Ukraine said on social media that the provider decreased service to the majority of individual users and commercial customers during the strike in order to be able to continue supplying it to Ukraine’s military after the attack ended.

Network Blocks, an independent worldwide internet watchdog, stated that it was the most devastating assault on the provider since Russia invaded Ukraine last month, with Ukrtelecom connection down to barely 13 percent of what it had been before the conflict.

Following the assault, it took several hours before the firm was able to halt it and restore regular services to all of its clients, according to the communications agency.

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