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A gunman opens fire on eight people at a Russian university

On Monday, a gunman opened fire on a Russian university campus, killing at least eight people and injuring another 19, according to official media reports.

Videos circulating on social media showed individuals tossing things from the windows of university buildings in the central city of Perm before leaping to their deaths to escape the gunman, according to the videos posted.

An investigation by the Investigative Committee, which looks into serious crimes, revealed that many persons were hurt in the assault at Perm State National Research Institution, and that the suspect, who was a student at the university, was wounded while being arrested.

According to reports, amateur video shot during the assault showed a man dressed in black tactical gear and carrying a weapon strolling around the campus. The film was aired on state television.

As reported by Russian news outlets, the health ministry stated that 24 individuals were being treated for gunshot wounds, with 19 of them getting treatment immediately. When contacted by AFP for comment, the health ministry refused to do so.

A statement from the Investigative Committee said that “on September 20, a student, who was on the property of one of the buildings of Perm State National Research University, opened fire on people who were in his immediate vicinity.”

Investigators originally reported that five individuals had been murdered and another six had been injured.

School shootings are very rare in Russia, owing to the high level of security at educational institutions and the difficulty in obtaining weapons legally, although hunting rifles may be registered.

The incident had been reported to President Vladimir Putin, according to the Kremlin, which also said that the health and science ministries had been instructed to go to Perm to organise help for the victims of the shooting.

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