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A Half Pipe Master Places His Feet at the Altar of the Halfpipe

Those who have been stalking Danny Davis’s online dating life for years may have been disappointed to find that he had tied the knot with Hayley Simpson, his childhood love, on Nov. 29. Davis, a professional snowboarder, has been dating Simpson since they were in elementary school.

Dany is an extraordinary hottie who is well-known within his sport as someone who is always super-approachable and simply entertaining when it comes to his sense of humour,” Ms. Simpson added in her statement. He is also really attractive, so I’m sure there are a lot of females that are envious of me, and that’s OK with me.

The marriage of Mr. Davis, 33, and Ms. Simpson, also 33, should not have come as a surprise to anybody who is familiar with him or with his personality.

In the words of the author, “She has always been and will always be my rock.” The lady I married has always been a strong, self-sufficient woman who provides so much pleasure and order to my life that any place we spend time with seems like home.

In Mountain Creek, New Jersey, during a snowboarding competition, the pair met for the first time when they were both 14 years old. The relationship began when Ms. Simpson, who grew up in Manasquan, N.J., and Mr. Davis, who grew up in Highland, Mich., first met. “I’ve always been drawn to Danny,” she said of Mr. Davis.

“Marge was boisterous and laughed a lot in those early years,” Mr. Davis said. But despite her having the nicest little haircut, I refused to speak to her until and until she got her braces removed — that’s the kind of punk I was back then.”

However, Ms. Simpson said that, despite his punk-rock persona, Danny “has always had an energy about him that makes people want to be around him,” which she claimed included her.

Adding, “Professionally, he is one of the most hardworking and inventive individuals I know,” Ms. Simpson said of Mr. Davis, who began competing professionally in 2006 and claims his snowboarding career began when his parents bought him a quarter pipe and two snowboards when he was nine years old.

When they finished school, they were separated for many years, but they remained in contact. Having begun to establish himself on the snowboarding circuit when he was 18, Mr. Davis purchased a property in Truckee, California, which served as his headquarters. She enrolled at LIM College in New York City in 2007, while she was considering a potential future in the fashion business. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising from LIM College in 2009.

Mr. Davis had won his first title on the Dew Tour the year before. Later in the year, he would win two more championships at the extreme sports tournament before suffering a significant back injury in an ATV accident, which terminated his hopes of playing in the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. He had hoped to compete in the Games but was unable to because of the injury.

During the summer of 2017, Ms. Simpson moved into Mr. Davis’s Truckee house. After three years together, the pair got engaged in Burlington, Vermont, in a residence owned by Ms. Simpson, whose job as a Truckee-based freelance producer for print and digital advertising sometimes necessitates her to travel to cities such as Los Angeles and New York City.

Following that, on Nov. 19, they threw a wedding party at the TeiTiare Estate, a vacation rental property in Sayulita, Mexico. During the ceremony, which was attended by 122 people, the bride and groom exchanged personal vows.

A Vera Wang wedding gown and veil, as well as Prada shoes, were worn by the bride, who also donned a diamond necklace and sapphire earrings that belonged to her mother. Stubbs and Wootton provided the groom with a tailored suit and white shirt, which he paired with his shoes.

Upon being questioned if being married would speed his decision to retire, Mr. Davis said that he still retained the abilities that had earned him a United States Open (in 2010) and gold medals at the X Games (in 2014 and 2015). As an older player in a sport that includes doing life-threatening stunts in midair, he shared some of his crowd-pleasing faves, including “the 1080,” the 1260,” “the 900,” and the “McTwist.”

In response to the question, he said, “I’m not sure about that, but I’ll continue to snowboard as long as my sponsors allow me to.” The loss of my career would be devastating, but if it occurs, I can live peacefully for the rest of my life knowing that if I hadn’t become involved with snowboarding, I would have never met Haley, who is the most important person in my life.

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Jonathan James
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