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A record-breaking heat wave is buckling streets and popping roof tiles throughout China

Shanghai, the commercial hub of China, was among the dozens of cities that were sweltering in blistering temperatures as the abnormally hot weather cracked roadways, broke roof tiles, and prompted many to seek the cold in subterranean bomb shelters.

As of three o’clock in the afternoon on the 12th of July, 86 communities had already issued red warnings, the highest level in a three-tiered warning system, to warn residents of temperatures expected to exceed 40 degrees Celsius within the following 24 hours. The stop order has been issued for construction as well as any other outside work.

The city of Shanghai, which is currently battling COVID-19 breakouts on an irregular basis, has issued a warning to its 25 million inhabitants to brace for hot weather this week. Since 1873, when record-keeping in Shanghai started, the city has seen a total of just 15 days with temperatures higher than 40 degrees Celsius.

The vendors reported an increase in sales of ice cream, melons, and chilled crayfish in liquor, which is a favourite dish during the summers. Eight tonnes of ice are used every day at a massive wildlife park in Shanghai in order to maintain a comfortable temperature for the resident lions, pandas, and other creatures.

One COVID-19 tester was seen in a picture that went viral on social media embracing a block of ice that was one metre tall alongside the road while wearing a full-body hazmat suit.

As her five-year-old kid played at a water fountain, Shanghai resident Zhu Daren observed, “This year’s heat has come a bit early than previously.”

“Despite the fact that it is just the beginning of July, I get the impression that the warm weather has already peaked. When you reach home, turn on the air conditioning and put on some sunscreen.”

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