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A Refreshing Tomato Pasta Perfect for Transitioning into Fall

This hectic back-to-school season calls for a compromise between the effortless summer cooking that many like and the time spent lingering (and toiling) in the cosy winter kitchen. This pasta with roasted white beans and tomatoes is perfect for the season because: Even if you’re still storing cherry tomatoes from the farmers market, the weather is turning chilly enough that you may be considering firing up the oven again.

Pasta, beans, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, and other cupboard basics make up the mundane yet exciting ingredient list. By just placing the ingredients on a sheet pan and roasting them, you can make a sauce that is surprisingly sophisticated and simple to make. Instead of stirring the sauce as it bubbles away in a smaller surface area saucepan, cook the cherry tomatoes on a broad, flat sheet at a high temperature to concentrate their flavour and generate more caramelization.

The recipe consists of just three basic actions: Preparation involves boiling the pasta, roasting the ingredients separately, and then mixing everything together. Cooked little white beans, which provide body and bite, are slickked simply with olive oil, salt, and pepper, while cherry tomatoes are combined with chopped shallots, tomato paste, garlic, red-pepper flakes, and rosemary on another pan. In the time it takes the pasta to boil, the tomatoes will soften, the beans will crisp up, and the sweet and bitter notes will be stimulated by the Maillard process, the chemical reaction that causes foods cooked at high temperatures to brown and deepen in flavour.

The secret to a tasty dish is in the details, so save some of the starchy pasta water to use for scraping off the caramelised pieces, or sucs, on the bottom of the baking pans. Immediately upon their release, the liquid will deepen in colour and take on a faint burned sugar flavour.

At last, you’ll combine the sauce with the pasta and toss it briskly to cover the noodles, distribute the tomatoes, and coat the crisp beans. This recipe doesn’t need any animal products whatsoever, however a flurry of freshly grated sharp cheese on top would be lovely: Pasta water, roasted beans, and some extra-virgin olive oil help the roasted tomato sauce become thick and delectable. You may be tempted to economise on the priceless olive oil called for in this dish, but please don’t. This inexpensive pasta was designed to make the most of its ingredients.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
I serve as a Senior Executive Journalist of The National Era
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