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A soccer player was attacked by masked assailants, Her teammate is now in custody

Aminata Diallo, a French soccer player, has been detained in connection with an alleged assault on a competitor that has evoked analogies to the iconic Tonya Harding scandal.

Diallo, a midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain, was taken into custody by the Versailles Regional Police Service on Wednesday morning, according to a press statement from the club. According to the statement, she was brought into jail in connection with an assault on other players that took place on Thursday evening, according to the release.

Diallo’s teammate and fellow midfielder, Kheira Hamraoui, was the victim in this case, according to reports in ESPN and French media. According to the unidentified sources, Diallo, Hamraoui, and two other PSG players were driving away from a team meal in Paris on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 4. Diallo was driving the vehicle.

When the two masked guys arrived at Hamraoui’s home, they took her out of the car and beat her with iron bars for two minutes before fleeing the scene, according to an ESPN storey.

Following the incident, Hamraoui was taken to the hospital, where she was treated for her injuries, according to ESPN’s sources. She is anticipated to make a full recovery from her injuries, but she was unable to participate in Tuesday’s encounter against Real Madrid, despite the fact that Diallo was in the lineup.

As word of the allegations against Diallo spread, many people began to draw parallels between the incident and the infamous attack on figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, who was famously injured in 1994 in an attack that was said to have been orchestrated by her rival, Tonya Harding, who died as a result of her injuries. As a consequence, Harding was stripped of her national championship and barred from competing in the United States Figure Skating Association for the rest of her life.

The assault against Hamraoui was strongly criticised by Paris Saint-Germain.

The Club is closely monitoring the development of the proceedings and will consider what measures to take if necessary.”

Dan O'Brien
Dan O'Brien
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