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A Vegan Potato Salad That Is Both Creamy and Vegan That You Can Laze Over

The centre of numerous American cookouts and picnics, a mayonnaise-dressed potato salad is a crowd-pleaser because to its creamy texture, acidic flavour, sweet and salty undertones, and savoury undertones. Just make sure to keep it out of the sun!

But what if the people in your audience are not part of the legion of mayonnaise fans? There is an abundance of other choice! Potato salad in some form or another has been around for generations, but jarred mayonnaise has only been the distinguishing element in its dressing since the 1920s when it first became popularised in the United States.

The versatility of potato salad makes it possible to prepare it with almost any sort of dressing, dip, or sauce you can think of. If you like eating it on veggies, carbs, proteins, or even your fingers, you should definitely try tossing it with warm pieces of velvety potato since it will probably taste just as amazing. Maybe even better. There isn’t a container of mayonnaise in sight, but hot bacon dressing, herb-filled pesto, and spicy yoghurt all combine for outstanding potato salads. In this iteration, I wanted to find a way to make something that was just as creamy as mayonnaise, but that was also suitable for vegans and could be left outdoors for extended periods of time without anybody becoming uneasy.

Tahini becomes pale, thick, and emulsified with a brilliant and pungent taste that is also earthy and rich when it is seasoned with lemon and garlic and whisked with cold water. Prior to this transformation, the tahini was greasy and gloppy. Finding the correct texture is not always something that comes naturally. When you trickle additional ice water into the mixture, it becomes thicker. This continues until the combination reaches its maximum thickness, at which time adding more water causes it to become less thick. Proceed cautiously, adding the water in a slow and steady stream, one teaspoon at a time, until you reach the desired consistency.

The majority of potato salad recipes call for some form of onion, usually either white or red onion, but sometimes scallion or shallot as well. I decided to use two whole bunches of onions for this recipe. Half of them are roasted till they have a smoky and sweet flavour, while the other half are left raw. This gives the dish an overall fresh, crisp, and green flavour that helps to freshen up the starchiness. If you wait to add the raw scallions until just before serving, they will maintain their crisp texture since they won’t have time to get limp and wilted. Then offer this dish at your subsequent outdoor barbecue. This potato salad will definitely be a hit with the guests, regardless of how high the temperature may get.

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