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A Virtual wrestling museum is changing the game

The endless opportunities the world of technology has created, businesses were bound to find unique ways to reach their audience and grow their brand. Pro Wrestling Mini Museum is an online virtual museum dedicated to the preservation of professional wrestling’s rich history and culture. Since its launch, it has gained attention of wrestling fans for serving as a digital relic of a bygone era of professional wrestling.

The large collection consists not only of specimens for exhibition, but also of vast collections housed by the founder, Mike Parker. The Pro Wrestling Mini Museum was started in 2019 with the goal of complementing, enhancing, or augmenting the museum experience via customization, interaction, and  richness of wrestleting content. An avid wrestling fan, Parker started collecting 8 x10s and magazines, which grew bigger with the time. 

It is notable as the first virtual museum completely metaphor after professional wrestling, with a purpose to share the history, and legacy of wrestling in North America. The site includes photos, interactive illustrations and information taking wrestling showcase to the next level. 

While many traditional wrestling museums focus on physical locations with a limited audience, this virtual wrestling museum has a different approach, helping to reach more audiences. Parker has garnered every resource necessary to build a true virtual wrestling museum as a resource of high resolution art images and wrestling history.

The articles in the Pro Wrestling Mini Museum cover a variety of topics pertaining to classic signed magazines and ring/TV-worn pieces. It is an interactive, web-based museum that encourages visitors to think about and explore professional wrestling phenomena in new ways to offer wrestling experience that wasn’t seen before.

As the digital environment continues to change, it is evident that those who intend to remain on top will need to take the initiative and put in the necessary effort. One thing is certain: no matter how the environment changes, Pro Wrestling Mini Museum will be there, leading the charge of the wrestling virtual museum.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
I serve as a Senior Executive Journalist of The National Era
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