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An accident involving a helicopter in the mountains of West Virginia resulted in the deaths of six people

On Wednesday evening in Logan County, West Virginia, an accident involving a helicopter that was being flown at a reunion for aficionados of antique aircraft resulted in the deaths of six persons, according to the local police.

According to the website, in order to pay for the fuel, piloting the helicopter for thirty minutes needed a gift of two hundred and fifty dollars, while passengers may ride along by paying a smaller donation. The helicopter that went down in the disaster had been in service throughout the Vietnam War, and it had also been featured in movies such as “Die Hard,” “The Rock,” and “Baywatch.”

The call that was sent to Mike Holbrook, the owner and operator of Marpat Aviation, asking his remark was not returned. A reporter called the company’s associated phone lines, but two different persons who answered the phones hung up on the reporter.

According to Mr. Bryant, the helicopter had just taken off from Logan County Airport when it was involved in a collision with the pavement and the guardrail of a rural two-lane road. When he arrived, the helicopter was still ablaze, according to him, and in his 35 years working for the county’s emergency services, he had seen “no wrecks of this scale.”

Following the collision, the lady said that she hurried as swiftly as possible to the site, diving under the guardrail on the way. The lady, Bobbi Childs, shared her story with WSAZ-3, a television station located in Huntington.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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