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Another blow is delivered to the housing market as a result of rising mortgage rates

According to one metric, the interest rate on the most popular house loan in the United States topped 7 percent this week. This is the most recent indication that the soaring property market is beginning to come back down to earth.

On Tuesday, the typical interest rate for a mortgage with a term of thirty years and a fixed rate hit 7.08 percent, as reported by Mortgage News Daily, a well-known trade publication. According to yet another poll conducted by the Mortgage Bankers Association, the rate now stands at an average of 6.52 percent, which is the highest number since the middle of 2008. According to Freddie Mac, it is now at 6.7 percent, which is an increase from 3.01 percent during the same period in the previous year.

The measurements differ depending on the survey criteria and the time of reading, but the message is consistent, according to real estate brokers and analysts: Home buyers and sellers are experiencing price shock, and the increased costs of financing are weighing down the market.

According to the chief economist at Realtor.com, Danielle Hale, assuming a down payment of 10 percent, a home listed at the national median asking price of $435,050 in August 2022 will cost nearly $1,000 more each month than it did in August 2021, when the average mortgage rate was 2.88 percent and the median home price was about 14 percent lower. In August 2021, the median home price was approximately 14 percent lower.

The increased cost of borrowing has already started to have a negative impact on sales. According to the data provided by the National Association of Realtors, an industry organisation, existing house sales in August were roughly 20 percent lower than they were in August 2021.

According to Lawrence Yun, the chief economist for the organisation, even while prices are beginning to level down in many regions, they are still quite high since inventories are still much lower than they were before the epidemic. And many people who purchased houses in the previous two years, locking in some of the greatest mortgage rates on record, are not likely to trade up to a new property now, he added, which will restrict the supply of properties that are coming onto the market.

The abrupt spike in interest rates has been unsettling for purchasers, although mortgages at 7 percent are still a long cry from the highest ever recorded in the sector. According to Freddie Mac, the rate reached an all-time high of almost 18 percent in 1981, despite the fact that house prices were far lower in comparison to the median income at the time.

However, very few economists anticipate the market to collapse as it did in the aftermath of the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. This is in part because to better underwriting standards and a large surge in the appreciation of house prices over the past two years.

According to statistics provided by Redfin, the median selling price of a property in the Austin metropolitan region reached an all-time high of $555,000 in April 2022. This was an incredible 71 percent rise from April 2020, when the median sale price stood at $325,000. However, starting in April, the median price has been falling steadily until it reached $500,000 in August of this year.

Mr. Vallejo said that he paid $450,000 in 2021 for a fixer-upper home in Austin with three bedrooms at a time when mortgage rates were still very close to all-time lows. He estimated that he could have sold the property earlier this year for more than $600,000 based on the improvements he made to it and comparable sales that occurred nearby. However, he stated that a significant portion of that appreciation had been erased as a result of the recent increases in the interest rate for mortgages.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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