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Bill Moseley, Lauren LaVera, Julian Curtis and Jeremy Rudd casted in the new horror film The Fetus

The Fetus is a 2023 horror film written by award-winning writer and director Joe Lam. The film conveys a profound message, with its story of a guy who must overcome his trauma to accept fatherhood. Directed and written by Joe Lam, the film’s cast comprises notable actors such as Lauren LaVera, Julian Curtis, Bill Moseley, and Jeremy Rudd, who is also the film’s associate producer. 

The Fetus was written and directed by Joe Lam of Shining Light Pictures and Joe Barbagallo, founder and owner of BarBHouse Productions. Along with Lee Forsyth, Nathan Rudd, and Jeremy Rudd as associate producers, and Brielle Yuke Li and Brent Trotter as co-producers, there are twenty-three crew members involved in the production process. The production was completed in August after an intensive summer of collaboration between cast and crew under the direction of Joe Lam to realize The Fetus and get it ready for its launch in 2023. Scenes have been filmed all across the state of Pennsylvania. 

The plot revolves around a young couple named Chris (played by Julian Curtis) and Alessa (played by Lauren LaVera). They are forced to contend with Alessa’s disapproving father, Maddox (Bill Moseley). The film’s main character, Chris, struggles with issues of self-worth rooted in his past, preventing him from establishing a happy family life with his girlfriend, Alessa.

To make matters even more complicated, Maddox does not approve of Chris as a potential partner for his daughter and does not see him as a good match. He is trying hard to hurt their relationship in any way he can think of, and he is doing this in many different ways.  

Meanwhile, Alessa becomes pregnant; throughout this time, a supernatural being develops inside her womb. She is afraid that Maddox will have her child murdered for his narcissistic purposes, so she keeps the news to herself. The only way for the pair to survive this tragedy and go forward as a family is to overcome Maddox’s plans and heal their trauma. Only then will they be able to make it through this journey.

The film revolves around the themes of commitment, family, and fatherhood. The talented actors included in the cast, such as Bill Moseley, who plays the role of the main villain, along with Jeremy Rudd, who plays Mark in the film, are known for their previous performances in horror films. Moseley’s work includes House of 1000 Corpses, Prisoners of the Ghostland, Army of Darkness, and many more. Jeremy Rudd is known for his roles in Showtime’s television series City on a Hill, Burning Sands, and The Cabin House. 

The film’s lead actress, Lauren LaVera, is a featured rising star and is known for her work in Terrifier 2. She is joined by her fellow lead actor, Julian Curtis, known for his recurring roles in Are You Afraid of the Dark?; Dance Academy, and Spooked. The lead actors are joined in the cast by Rachel Keefe, Joe Barbagallo, Evan Towell, McKenzie Shea, Bobby C. King, Maureen O’Connor, Dalton Rimbert, Santiago Corbin, and Marilyn Spanier. 



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