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ChatGPT Takes the Stage: A Special Appearance at the Marc Jacobs Three-Minute Fashion Show

Perhaps it was when he abandoned the show hamster wheel and the growth race in favour of releasing his runway collections (exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman) whenever he felt like it and in whatever shapes struck his fancy—in this case, thoughts on Vivienne Westwood’s influence and the symbiotic relationship between haute couture and streetwear.

A three-minute reflection on the shortened attention span brought on by our digital lives and the oncoming future of A.I. was included in an exhibit at the New York Public Library on Monday.

We have three minutes! The 29 models have 30 seconds to file in a single file. They need another thirty seconds backstage to collect themselves. Just another thirty seconds till we set off in the other way. And then a minute or two at the start and finish for everyone to process what had just happened.

They would be confused at first, but then they’d start laughing because they realised that was it. Done. Please come back soon. That’s one interpretation of “fast fashion.”

They also make a significant observation on the rapidity with which we take in visuals and concepts in the era of the unending scroll. By the time most people in the crowd had pulled out their phones, it was all over. (So the joke’s on us, right?)

ChatGPT penned his show notes, which are the frequently illogical phrases that try to describe the inspiration for a collection.

The “innovative approach to blending menswear-inspired tailoring with feminine aesthetics” was praised in their analysis of the collection. (Well, kind of; more like a slew of shortened swathed and squished prom dresses and striped power-shoulder pantsuits over constructivist lingerie.) The “flat shoes” (which were tiny pointed slippers) and “black tights” (which were transparent, with white socks) that “emphasised practicality without compromising on sophistication.” In addition, it was praised for its “dominant black and white palette” (which was accurate, but there were also hints of emerald and lamé) and the way it emphasised “individuality and timeless style.”

Or, more accurately, club kids of the 1980s enjoying one last hot night out before the dawn of the information age. Unfortunately, ChatGPT has yet to develop into a reliable fashion critic.

One can’t help but wonder what the AI would have recommended if asked to predict the most popular kind of television programme in today’s distracted culture. Would the shortest possible presentation have been what it recommended? Or would it have looked at the data, seen what was happening, and suggested that Mr. Jacobs bring in an orchestra, invite Kim Kardashian, and have his models walk as slowly as possible?

Breaking every rule in the book in a manner that makes your audience laugh at their own indoctrination is very human. A small group of anti-fur protestors were marching and yelling in front of the library as they left, despite the fact that the library did not have any fur. It’s normal to feel the need to shout into nothing.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
I serve as a Senior Executive Journalist of The National Era
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