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Crypto’s Maverick CEO Disrupting the Status Quo

Myles Tweedy – President and CEO of Reflex Finance, whos new crypto is making records fall where they stand and disrupting the status quo.

Q-1: Myles, since Reflex Finance launched in early February, there has been no shortage of success.  What can you attribute that to and what makes your project so special?

Myles – Its the people. I dont care about the contract. It works. I dont care about the tokenomics, its there in black and white. It works. Its the community that has had my back from day one.

Its my team. Yes, we paid out over a million dollars in stable USD coin within the first 48 hours of launching. I can sit here and give you statistic after statistic, because yes, what we have done in such a short period of time is significant.

But the truth is, the people are what make this project special. The team is fantastic. We have an amalgamation of developers from all over the DeFi space, with talent that has already proven themselves.

The staff at Reflex Finance represents the best and brightest from this industry, but Im going to tell you something – they all have integrity and character. I was very careful and deliberate with who I surrounded myself with.  We have all seen brilliant people in this space, who are individuals and dont really care about thier team or the greater good.

I trust every member of my staff, they are the backbone of Reflex and represent the future of this space. I trust them and respect them. 

Q-2: All that said, I think its safe to say you can assume some credit as well.  You were dubbed as sort of the James Bond of Decentralized Finance. I think this speaks to your Maverick nature. What do you think those people meant when they said that?

Myles – I wasnt going to just sign on and accept the status quo. I wanted to do things differently.  People are being taken advantage of everyday, and its time to change that.

If youre not part of the change, youre part of the problem.

People are lining their pockets off of others being taken advantage of, and traditional finance is not going to last much longer the way that it is.

Why should someone put money into a retirement account where their primary custodian takes their security, then lends it out to a hedge fund to short against them, dopping the value of the very investment they just made?

Why should people pay Wall Street to make their money for them? Why aren’t stocks on a blockchain?

Why are institutions and hedge funds allowed to short stocks over 100% of the amount of shares that were even available in the first place?

Securities like cryptocurrencies are inherently special because they are all executed on an immutable ledger called a blockchain.

We know exactly how many tokens are minted, and we can track all of them at any moment.

Nobody can pull the wool over your eyes once you see the sheer potential of what this technology can do.

Reflex Finance office

Q-3:  Reflex Finance is in development to create a Launchpad/springboard that provides an unrivaled level of security for both the project launching and its investors. What’s your primary motivation for doing this?

Myles – We can do this the right way. We can launch projects safely, fairly, and with less hassle than the current competition.

We can have true customer support, we can insure against rugpulls and scams, and we can do it all while making our own investors a lot of money with passive income the entire time.

Crypto has to solve a problem or serve a purpose, and we are going to do both.

We’re going to burn bad actors and we’re not going to allow people to be hurt any longer.

Investing in this project means you can make a constant and continuous passive income forever. What we are going to offer and the direction we are taking is truly in the best interest of the projects launching and all holders globally. The old way of doing things is over.

Imagine a Springboard that launches a token. That token scams the investors with no real recourse, and yet, the platform that launched that scam token still keeps their cut.

How is that right? How is this even happening? Im tired of seeing people scared to pick and choose which project is safe for them to place their hard earned money.

If Reflex Finance launches 20 projects in a day, each and every one of them are secure and protected. Everyone should be able to invest with confidence and with piece of mind. 

Q-4:  Is it safe to say that much of your character and steadfast devotion to service and good come from your time as a United States Marine?

Myles – I joined the Marines out of high school. I enlisted and went off to do my part in Iraq and Afghanistan. I joined after 9/11. I think that day changed us all and it was the reason for my calling. After that, it was the only choice for me.

After my first enlistment, I finished my degree and received my commission as a Marine Officer. I have held every leadership position from squad leader to Commanding Officer, from Infantry Battalion to Recruit Training Company Command. They say what you do doesnt define who you are? It does for me.

I have served with amazing people over the last 20 years. They have been instrumental in my personal and professional development. 

Character and culture is everything to me. When you combine them both, incredible things can happen. 

Q-5: what does the future hold for Reflex Finance, particularly with this partnership with Safemoon?

Myles – The entire team at Safemoon is amazing. Above all else, I consider them friends. Our futures are intertwined but thats because we share the same vision. John and Ryan are visionaries with the resources and the backing of an army to change the world.

We share the same values, backgrounds and vision. The truth is, our two projects compliment each other incredibly well.  And to be honest, there is no project that I will ever put before my relationship with Safemoon.

Because I trust them, I believe in them, and I know what we are going to do together. That said, we have to be thoughtful about the timing of our announcements. In the coming weeks everything will be revealed. The future is looking very bright.

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