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Daughter interrupts New Zealand Prime Minister’s livestream due to “bedtime failure”

When the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, was in the middle of briefing the country about significant adjustments to Covid-19 limitations, an unexpected voice interrupted in: “mummy?”

In a scenario that would be familiar to parents all around the globe, the leader’s three-year-old daughter Neve had decided that everything, even state business, could wait.

“You’re supposed to be in bed, dear,” the 41-year-old New Zealand leader adds, turning away from the Monday’s Facebook broadcast to make an equally-familiar observation-plus-plea while offering another observation-plus-plea.

“No,” Neve says unafraid, initiating what would turn out to be a lengthy, and ultimately failed, negotiating process for Ardern.

“You must return to your room because it is bedtime, sweetheart. I’ll be right over to see you in a second. I’ll be right over to see you in a minute. Okay, everyone, please accept my apologies “Ardern says this with a sardonic grin on her face.

“After all, wasn’t that an embarrassing bedtime fail? I decided that this would be a good time to conduct a Facebook Live, since it would be convenient and safe. Is it normal for your children to sneak out of the house three or four times after bedtime? Fortunately, my mother is around and can provide a hand.”

“All right, where were we?” Ardern attempted to carry on. It’s the small voice again, asking, “What is taking so long?”

Sincerely apologise on front of everyone. I’m simply going to go back to Neve’s room and put her to bed. Because it is way beyond her bedtime at this point. Thank you for joining me today.”

Despite the fact that it is not as spectacular as the time the children of Korea expert Robert Kelly interrupted his 2017 BBC interview, this is not the first time Neve has gotten the attention of the media.

In 2018, Ardern became only the second prime minister in the world — after Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto — to give birth while in office, and she later brought her daughter Neve to the floor of the United Nations General Assembly in New York to make her official debut.

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