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Do You Want to Attend Taylor Swift’s Concert? Kid, you are on your own here

Sarah Pontillo’s mother gave her permission to skip school so that she could get tickets to see Taylor Swift.

After attending her first two classes on Tuesday morning, Ms. Pontillo, who is a junior in high school, was scheduled to have her mother, Ida Pearce, pick her up and bring her home in time for her to log onto Ticketmaster and purchase tickets for the “Anti-Hero” singer’s Eras tour. The plan was for Ms. Pontillo to attend her first two classes on Tuesday morning. After Ms. Pearce had successfully purchased the tickets, she intended to take her daughter back to school as soon as possible.

Ms. Pontillo, who is 16 years old, went to a dollar store and purchased socks to turn into sock monkeys. She then sold these sock monkeys to her classmates so that she could raise enough money to buy tickets to see Taylor Swift. Earlier this year, rumours began to circulate that Taylor Swift would be announcing a tour. She wanted to earn enough money to get floor tickets and intended to bring a monkey to the concert in the hopes that Ms. Swift would take it.

On the other hand, Ms. Pontillo was nowhere to be seen when Tuesday morning arrived and it was time for school. The process of purchasing tickets required a significant amount of waiting time in addition to a frenetic amount of clicking.

Although the seats are not as near to the stage as those Ms. Pontillo had originally wanted to acquire, she is thankful to have gotten any tickets at all after hearing about the experiences of Swifties (a nickname for Taylor Swift’s fans) throughout the globe on Tuesday.

Even if you were a Verified Fan, there was still no assurance. On Monday, Ticketmaster informed a select group of customers that they had been selected to take part in the presale for the next day by notifying them through email and by sending them a secret code via text message. Ticketmaster sent out emails to those who had not been chosen, advising them that “due to unprecedented demand,” they had been added to a wait list.

On Twitter, a number of people voiced their dissatisfaction with the fact that they had just gotten an email and not the text message code that would truly provide them entry to the ticket sale. Other customers were notified through email by Taylor Nation, Ms. Swift’s staff, in the days leading up to the sale that they had been given a “boost” for their purchase.

It is not clear how useful those boosts truly were to fans, since some of them reported online that despite being boosted, they had not obtained presale access despite the fact that they had received the boost. Mary Franchetti, who is 24 years old and got a similar email, finally purchased tickets using the Ticketmaster account held by her boyfriend. He did not have a boost available to him.

Many of those individuals who had the good fortune to survive the Ticketmaster culling found that their difficulties were really just starting. Ticketmaster invited prospective customers to sign up for an account and attend a virtual waiting room thirty minutes before the start of the sale on Tuesday morning. The website became unusable almost instantly for some users. After then, the true mayhem started.

The sale swiftly turned into a game of waiting for many others. The purchasers were arranged in a line, and a lilac progress bar indicated how much farther along they were getting in the process of selecting seats and checking out. While a select few lucky fans saw low numbers on their displays, the majority of viewers saw the amount 2,000 or higher. Twitter users joked with the phrase “Death by 2000+ cuts,” which was a reference to a song by Taylor Swift during her “Lover” phase.

The goal of the group is to outwit resellers who purchase items like concert tickets in bulk and resell them at gouging rates. Seatgeek was another site that was selling tickets to the Eras tour, and it looked to operate better on Tuesday than Ticketmaster did. A colleague administrator was able to acquire her a ticket via Seatgeek, and she was able to attend the show.

“On top of that, millions more fans showed up to try to buy tickets during Taylor Swift’s Eras Verified Fan presale,” a representative from Ticketmaster wrote in a statement. Fans experienced some delays as a result of this, which we are aware is annoying. We worked as swiftly as possible to change various on-sale periods in order to manage the load, and lines are currently moving more smoothly.

This month, President Joe Biden made an announcement that his administration will take action against “hidden garbage fees.” These costs include those that are related with concert tickets, as well as those that are levied by banks, internet providers, and airlines.

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Jonathan James
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