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Elon Musk has dropped yet another cryptic clue concerning a Twitter tender offer on his personal Twitter account

As speculation continues to grow that Elon Musk would make a tender offer for Twitter Inc. shares if the company’s board of directors rejects his plan to purchase 100 percent of the firm and take it private, Musk has provided further fuel to the fire.

A mysterious message with a blank space for a word followed by the phrase “is the Night” was tweeted by Elon Musk, the 50-year-old entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX. “Tender,” according to the title of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, or “Tonight,” according to Musk’s use of seven underscores to fill in the blank space, are two possibilities for the missing language.

His usual mode of expression on the social media site has been to express himself via online memes and connotations, as seen by his earlier tweet “seize the memes of production” during the gap between his invested capital in Twitter and the SEC filing that make his stake public.

He’s also showed a liking for 420 allusions to marijuana use, as seen by his offer of $54.20 per share in the company. It’s possible that his post was also a reference to the date, April 20th.

When Musk announced that he had purchased a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter at the beginning of this month, the stock price jumped by 27 percent, and he later escalated his interest in the company with an unsolicited $43 billion proposal to take the company private, the stock price jumped by another 27 percent. Twitter’s board of directors has not yet responded in writing, but it has began taking defensive measures to thwart a takeover, including the implementation of a poison pill provision.

Musk had previously sent out a tweet that said “Love Me Tender” and was surrounded by musical notes.

In another tweet, Musk addressed the issue of moderation on social media platforms, saying that “a social media platform’s policies are good if the most extreme 10% on both the left and right are equally unhappy.” This was Musk’s most recent public message before the hint about a potential tender bid. Using the social media platform, he has amassed more than 82 million followers and has tweeted more than 17 000 times, with his most recent messages concentrating on Twitter itself and how it may be improved.

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David Faber
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