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Elon Musk is hiring for a position at Twitter, but you should only apply if you are stupid enough

Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, has created a new position at the company, but he does not want exceptionally intelligent individuals to fill it. Musk sponsored a poll on Twitter to determine whether or not he should resign from his position as CEO of Twitter. As was to be anticipated, the polls indicated that he ought to resign from his position. However, Musk, being Musk, refused to accept his loss and instead blamed the low number of votes he received on bots that were using Twitter. Musk also said in a second tweet that the only way he would stand down as CEO of Twitter is if he can find someone who is “foolish enough” to take on the position.

Therefore, the opportunity that Musk has is to become the CEO of Twitter. Musk is serving as the temporary CEO of the firm; however, he has stated his intention to resign as soon as he finds another idiot who is willing to take his place. “As soon as I discover someone who is naive enough to accept the position of CEO, I will resign from my position. After that, my only responsibility will be to oversee the software and server teams “he remarked. Musk has said in the past that he has no interest in serving in the role of CEO for any of his businesses. According to reports, he is also on the hunt for a new CEO to lead Tesla.

Musk was taken aback by the findings of a survey that he had administered. Musk was under the impression that his grand boasts about turning Twitter into a forum for free expression would get him votes, but the majority of Twitter users wanted him fired. According to the results of the survey, more than 57.5% of Twitter users support Musk stepping down from his position as CEO of the firm, while 42.5% want him to continue in his current role. Soon after the results were published, Musk said that he would repeat the polls, but this time he would restrict voting to just those people who have subscribed to his Twitter Blue service.

A user who goes by the handle KimDotcom said that it was “unwise” to organise a poll like this since Musk did not abide by the findings of the poll.

Before Elon Musk became the new CEO of Twitter, the firm was led by Parag Agrawal, who is of Indian descent. Musk just took over from Agrawal. However, Agarwal’s departure from Twitter seemed inevitable after Musk’s takeover of the company. As soon as Musk assumed control of the firm, he made Agarwal one of the first employees to be terminated.

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Jonathan James
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