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Encounters with a Micro Miniskirt in a Hurry

The Miu Miu skirt is so short that it seems to have no beginning or an end to it. Since then, it has been on practically every magazine cover, on the bodies of celebrities and social media influencers, and as the topic of stories on its popularity and impact.

One aspect of that reach is the style. Typically, the low-rise miniskirt is paired with an equally severe crop top, resulting in a controversial style that garners additional attention anytime it is worn by someone who does not resemble the models who debuted it on the Miu Miu catwalk last fall. A 50-something actress or a plus-size model, for example.

Nonetheless, on Tuesday, the skirt made it very obvious — since the skirt is now sentient, with its own Instagram account and everything — that it is not planning to go anytime soon.

Rather than the raw-edged khaki and grey of Miu Miu’s spring 2022 collection, the brand debuted pleated white tennis skirts and black leather boy shorts for the autumn 2022 collection, which were first featured in the spring collection.

The skirts’ progress was seen by at least ten of the original skirts who were in attendance. When the ladies in them arrived to their seats, they peered down at the sloping deck chairs bordering the runway, debating the best way to take a comfortable position.

Upon discovering that she had landed the look, Ms. Walton planned exercises at Barry’s Bootcamp in Paris for the next three days in order to prepare for the shoot. When she put it on for the first time, she thought the length was “insane,” she said. “However, the underwear helps to keep it in place.”

Under the skirt, Xenia Adonts (two million followers), an influencer and creator of Attire the Studio, stated she wore her own undergarments, which she said she bought for herself. Although she praised the appearance for being “very simple to wear,” she believed that it “should have been a little longer in the back.”

According to her, “I was asking my partner, ‘Can you see my buttocks?'” “And he’s like, ‘No,'” she says.

When asked whether they felt overexposed in any way, the ladies said affirmatively.

According to Ginevra Mavilla (538,000 followers), the skirt is “sexy but not too seductive.” She paired the skirt with nearly knee-high socks and pointy-toe, kitten-heel shoes to complete the look. ‘It gives you a lot of confidence because it recognises the worth of a woman’s body.’

It also brought up some fond memories for her.

“It’s like a high school reunion,” Ms. Mavilla, who is 19 years old, described the experience.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
I serve as a Senior Executive Journalist of The National Era
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