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Former U.S. attorney Timothy J. Heaphy’s investigation into January 6 Capitol riot reveals shocking details of security lapses and inadequate response

The House investigation into the events of January 6, when a violent mob of supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol, was led by Timothy J. Heaphy. Heaphy, a former U.S. attorney, has now released his findings on the investigation.

Heaphy’s investigation revealed a number of shocking and disturbing details about the events of January 6. Heaphy reported that the Capitol Police were ill-prepared for the violence that erupted that day, and that their response was inadequate. He also found that many of the Capitol Police officers were untrained and inexperienced, and that they did not have the proper equipment to deal with the situation.

Heaphy’s investigation also found that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies did not adequately share information about the potential for violence on January 6. Heaphy stated that if law enforcement had shared information and worked together, the events of January 6 could have been prevented.

In addition to these findings, Heaphy’s investigation also revealed that there were serious security lapses at the Capitol on January 6. Heaphy found that the Capitol Police did not have a clear plan in place for dealing with the kind of violence that occurred that day, and that they did not have the proper equipment or personnel to handle the situation.

Heaphy’s investigation has raised many questions about the security and preparedness of the U.S. Capitol and the Capitol Police. In response to these findings, lawmakers are now calling for increased funding and resources for the Capitol Police, as well as changes to the way law enforcement agencies share information.

Despite the shocking details revealed by Heaphy’s investigation, many lawmakers remain committed to finding the truth about the events of January 6. They believe that it is important to hold those responsible accountable for their actions and to ensure that such a violent and dangerous incident never happens again.

The findings of Timothy J. Heaphy’s investigation into the events of January 6 are a stark reminder of the need for increased security and preparedness at the U.S. Capitol, and the importance of law enforcement agencies working together to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

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Chris Matthews
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