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“Good investment” Rishi Sunak is vying to become the first Hindu Prime Minister of the UK

Rishi Sunak was on a quick climb that may yet conclude with him being installed as Britain’s first prime minister of colour. This was before his public spat with Boris Johnson, which garnered widespread media attention.

However, despite making it to the final run-off after a series of votes by Conservative MPs, Sunak must first convince the party’s members when voting papers are distributed on Monday; however, he trails Liz Truss by a significant margin.

She has so far outflanked him with ideas that are targeted toward the Tory right, which mistrusts Sunak’s participation in a cabinet coup that unseated Johnson after months of scandal, according to opinion surveys. Johnson’s ouster came after months of controversy.

In addition to being ridiculed for being out of touch with the struggles that ordinary Britons are having to face as a result of rising inflation, the former chancellor of the exchequer is fabulously wealthy thanks to his career in finance before entering politics.

Instead, Sunak contends that Britain needs a dose of “sound money” in the vein of Margaret Thatcher in order to rein in inflation and get GDP back on track.

In another piece of video that has surfaced, Sunak, then 21 years old, discusses the diverse group of friends he has cultivated as a result of his education at Winchester College and the University of Oxford, two of the most prestigious private institutions in Britain.

Sunak, age 42, was an early supporter of Brexit and took over as chancellor in February 2020. He is a detail-oriented policy wonk who focuses on the big picture.

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