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How Hair Rollers Became the Most Surprising Hair Tool of 2021.

They first appeared on social media, where they were discovered by a new generation this spring as part of a TikTok hair flip competition to replicate Farrah Fawcett’s bouncy curls, which was broadcast worldwide. Then, when huge volume became a thing again after years of lived-in hairstyles that leaned more on the side of shaggy than bombshell, they became the secret weapon for celebrity hairstylists. Take, for example, Dove Cameron, Michelle Obama, Laura Dern, Jennifer Lopez, and SZA, to name a few celebrities.

Pyer Moss made his couture debut in July, and rollers made an appearance in an unusually literal fashion, as a cloak that took two weeks to make and was worn by the designer.

After spending so much time at home, it’s not surprising that many women are willing to indulge in a little bit of unabashed elegance once in a while. According to Mr. Angelo, “a lot of people are looking back to their supermodel heyday in the 1990s for inspiration.” The famous Cindy Crawford swoop comes to mind, which is all about the rollers – and which she still wears, by the way!

Others are drawn to rollers because of the nostalgia that surrounds them, while others are drawn to them because of the artistic inspiration they provide from a long time ago. They, like Mr. Angelo and his ’90s workshop, are looking for ways to use rollers to get hair that has a nod to the past while still being fashionable and current. They seem to be attracting a whole new generation, many of whom are visiting for the first time.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
I serve as a Senior Executive Journalist of The National Era
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