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In-Depth Examination of the Submersible Lost in the North Atlantic Reveals New Insights

As of Tuesday night, it was thought that the deep-diving submersible vehicle that went missing in the North Atlantic on Sunday had fewer than two days’ worth of oxygen left on board, despite the fact that ships and helicopters were racing to explore an area that was bigger than Connecticut.

It was a tight fit for the maximum number of passengers that the submersible, the Titan, could accommodate. There were five people on board. The interior was shown in promotional literature as having no seats and simply a flat floor where passengers might sit. In addition, there was only one view port that was 21 inches in diameter.

On Tuesday, the United States Coast Guard said that three boats were in route to help in the hunt for the missing submersible. These vessels included the Sycamore, which belonged to the United States Coast Guard, as well as the John Cabot, which belonged to the Canadian Coast Guard. The French government said on Tuesday that it will also be sending a research vessel called the Atalante to assist in the search. The Atalante is outfitted with a robot that is designed for exploration. On Tuesday, both the M.V. Polar Prince and Deep Energy, a pipe-laying vessel under the flag of the Bahamas, were already present at the location.

Sunday was the day when the Polar Prince sent out the Titan, and ever since they lost communication with it a little under two hours later, they have been combing the region. The United States Coast Guard said that Deep Energy had arrived at the location earlier on Tuesday and had deployed a remotely operated vehicle, also known as an R.O.V., to assist in the search. Sonar buoys have been set up by American and Canadian planes, and those aircraft have also been conducting visual and radar searches of the search area.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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