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In her first podcast episode, Meghan Markle discusses the close call her son had with death

In the inaugural episode of her new podcast on Spotify, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, discussed feminism and the double standards that women face. She also detailed an incident in which her small son came close to being hurt when the family was on an official visit in South Africa.

Serena Williams, a tennis great who just announced her retirement from the sport in a splashy Vogue cover story, was her first guest on the podcast, which was launched on Tuesday and is titled “Archetypes.” Williams was her first guest on the show.

Meghan, who is 41 years old, said that she planned to use the series to deconstruct the stereotypes and labels that are often applied to women in order to limit their potential. “We’re going to live inside and rip apart the boxes women have been placed into for generations,” she said, “boxes like ‘diva,’ ‘crazy,’ ‘the b-word,’ and’slut.'” “Over the course of the next dozen episodes,” she continued, “we’re going to live inside and rip apart the boxes women have been placed into for generations.”

During the course of an hour-long episode, Meghan and Ms. Williams talked about the label “ambitious” and how dehumanising it can feel when men are labelled driven in their careers and lives. On the other hand, ambitious women are frequently labelled as selfish and called social climbers with hidden agendas.

According to Laura Kray, a lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, who was Meghan’s second guest on the show, the perception that successful women are power-hungry and deceptive, while ambitious men are perceived as being role models, “boils down to animosity toward women.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex delivered an explosive interview to Oprah Winfrey last year, during which Meghan accused the royal family of being heartless and racist following the couple’s wedding in 2018. The wedding took place in 2018. The couple uprooted their lives and relocated to Montecito, California, where they are now raising their two young children.

The terrifying experience was one that occurred when Meghan, Harry, and their son Archie, who was four and a half months old at the time, were on vacation in South Africa. Meghan remembered that she and Harry went on safari with their baby. She stated that as soon as they arrived in Nyanga, which is a township in Cape Town, they were required to leave the baby with a nanny at the housing unit where they were staying in order to attend a “official engagement” during which Meghan was scheduled to deliver a speech to a group of women and girls.

When she had finished and was on her way back to the vehicle, the driver informed her that there had been a fire in the nursery, which was a building without any smoke alarms. Fortunately, Archie’s babysitter had just taken him with her to have a snack downstairs just before the incident, but Meghan was obviously rattled up by the ordeal.

Ms. Williams stated that she liked to think of her retirement as more of an evolution, and she added that she would always have some involvement with the sport even as she pursued other business ventures and opportunities. When asked about her retirement, Ms. Williams stated that she liked to think of it as more of an evolution.

Archewell Audio is an audio-first production firm that the pair established in order to make podcasts. In December 2020, many months after the two relinquished their royal titles, Spotify made the announcement that the company had committed to a multiyear relationship with Archewell Audio. In addition, the pair revealed in April 2021 that they had struck a multiyear partnership with Netflix and that their first production will be titled “Heart of Invictus.”

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