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In ‘Moon Knight,’ Oscar Isaac relearned how to appreciate big-budget films once again

The Marvel Comics company is not renowned for messing with its successful superhero formula at this point in its existence. Despite this, the studio’s latest Disney+ series, “Moon Knight,” has taken some surprising risks in order to succeed.

Steven Grant, portrayed by Oscar Isaac, was introduced in the show’s first episode as a clumsy museum gift-shop employee with a stuttering British accent. Aside from Grant, Isaac also appears in the film as Marc Spector, an old-school American mercenary who happens to have the same body as Grant — and who also happens to be Moon Knight, the crime-fighting avatar of an ancient Egyptian god.

As the tale of “Moon Knight” has shown, Spector has suffered from dissociative identity disorder, also known as D.I.D., since infancy, and Grant is an alternative persona he developed in order to protect himself from abuse and pain.

It “doesn’t matter so much” whether Moon Knight goes on to star in his own movie or joins a superteam like the Avengers, Isaac said from the Brooklyn offices of the production firm he and his wife, the writer-director Elvira Lind, run.

Several days before the “Moon Knight” series’ season finale on Wednesday, Isaac talked with Entertainment Weekly on the series’ creation, for which he serves as executive producer. He also spoke about the ups and downs of his professional life, as well as working for Disney at a time when the firm is dealing with a political tempest. The following are extracts from the discussion that have been modified for clarity.

No, I’m not having any of these symptoms. I don’t use social media, so if something like that comes my way, I’ll be completely unaware of it. However, there is a political undertone running through everything right now. Disney was compelled to take a position, and I’m delighted that they did so in the correct way. Sometimes being silent or remaining neutral is just not an option. A vengeful politician trying to take down the liberals is quite amazing to witness. As someone who grew up in Florida, I’m well aware of how dysfunctional the state has become. However, it is an intriguing period in which everything is being scrutinised, and if Disney is going to possess such a large portion of the entertainment business, they must expect to be confronted with some difficult choices.

A certain amount of conscientiousness is required, but at the same time, you’re also trying to earn a livelihood and navigate your way through life in general. I just want to create high-quality work while still attempting to do it in a responsible manner.

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Jonathan James
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