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In response to Iran’s sale of drones to Russia, the European Union has introduced further sanctions on the country

On Monday, the European Union called Iran’s military partnership with Russia a “gross violation” of international law and announced new sanctions against eight individuals and entities within Iran for their role in supplying drones that Moscow has used to attack Ukrainian civilians and infrastructure. The EU also condemned Iran’s military partnership with Russia as taking place in violation of international law.

According to authorities from the United States, Russia has been using drones produced in Iran in Ukraine since the month of August, utilising them to strike military objectives in addition to civilian infrastructure. More than one and a half million residents in the city of Odessa, which is located distant from the battle lines, had their electricity cut off on Saturday as a result of Russian troops’ deployment of Iranian drones.

The four persons who will be subject to new EU The commander in charge of the Iranian Air Force, the director of a weapons research and development unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, and a Revolutionary Guard official who staged a drone display for Russian soldiers in August are all on the list of those subject to sanctions.

Both a “front company” involved in the development of drones that Russia uses and a company that the European Council says produced drone engines have been added to the list of sanctioned entities. The “front company” was described by the European Council as being involved in the development of drones that Russia uses.

In the past, the bloc has implemented penalties on individuals from Iran because of the drone deliveries. In October, the European Union (EU) the chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces, the commander of the air force of the Revolutionary Guard, and Shahed Aviation Industries, the corporation responsible for creating and producing the drones, were all subject to the limitations.

The European Union has placed a travel and asset ban on more than 1,350 persons and organisations, and it has also frozen their assets. because of activities that “undermined Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence” since 2014 because of these actions.

Even though the Kremlin has denied using the Iranian-made drones to attack civilians and Tehran maintains that all drone deliveries took place before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, Iran’s military support for Russia has come under heightened international scrutiny in recent weeks. This is despite the fact that Iran’s support for Russia’s military has come under increased scrutiny in recent weeks.

On Friday, the administration of President Joe Biden announced that the two countries were in the process of forming a “full-fledged defence partnership” that was expected to intensify in the coming months.

The European Union firmly reminded Iran on Monday that any fresh weapon supplies to Russia, and in particular any step toward transferring short-range ballistic missiles, would be regarded “a major escalation.” This warning was given on the previous day.

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