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Introducing Rubber B- A perfect blend of Comfort, Durability, Outlook and Design for your Luxury Watch

A watch is not just an accessory, but it forms a major part of one’s outlook and personality. Wearing a watch not just helps you get noticed but at the same time makes you feel confident. It is equally relevant to have it on you with much comfort and ease. The reason why many people cannot continue to wear a watch throughout the day or for a longer period of time is because of its lack of comfort. Rubber B aims to eliminate this inconvenience so that you can flaunt your watch everywhere and anytime with confidence and ease.

Introducing Rubber B, a company founded in 2010, best known for its high-quality vegan straps and unique designs. The company started gaining popularity having integrated the first ”T” Rubber Strap for Rolex watches and catching the attention of luxury watch lovers. The secret behind Rubber B watch straps is its vulcanized rubber, a material known for its durability and comfort. Its products have been sold in high-end stores such as Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus. 

Besides durability and comfort, Rubber B also offers a perfect combination of strength and flexibility with the launch of ” Glidelock Series” which is made from Carbon Fiber Technology and integrated with vulcanized rubber. As a testimony of the fact, Rubber B launched an all-weather Ballistic and Alligator straps made with 100% water-proof rubber in 2021. 

Every material used in making Rubber B straps have different benefits to offer. VulChromatic material involves a molecular fusion process that offers superior resistance to friction, moisture, and scratches for Rubber B straps. On a similar note, the Blocked Integration method uses high-quality titanium or solid micro-calibrated insert to fit the watch case offering a gap-free motionless rotation. 

Rubber B watch straps are also available in different sizes to fit a variety of Rolex watches that include midsize, ladies’ size straps, Rolex Air-king 49mm and Sea-Dweller 43mm. What more one can ask for?  Time accounts for great wealth, but your outlook is what sets you apart. With Rubber B, you can expect to carry your luxury watch just beautifully and have people watch you over wearing and carrying it in a perfect blend of comfort, durability, design and luxurious style. Be it any occasion, Rubber B has it all for you. 


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