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Japan’s Princess Mako will tie the knot with her commoner fiancé later this month

Japan’s Princess Mako and her commoner fiancé Kei Komuro announced Friday that they would be married on October 26, according to national broadcaster NHK — a marriage that has sparked controversy since it requires her to give up her royal position.

Originally revealed in 2017, the engagement between the 29-year-old granddaughter of former Emperor Akihito and Komuro was a surprise. However, a date for the wedding has been postponed as a result of a financial disagreement between Komuro’s mother and her ex-fiance.

It was at the International Christian University in Tokyo in 2012 that Princess Mako and Komuro met and became friends.

In the years before to his debut as the royal fiancée, Komuro was better known as the “Prince of the Sea,” after appearing in an advertisement for the city of Fujisawa, which is located south of the capital city.

Following the wedding, the pair is anticipated to relocate to New York, where Komuro is employed as a lawyer. According to reports, the Princess will forego a lump-sum payment of more than $1 million, which she was supposed to receive to help her transition into a new life outside of the royal family.

According to Japanese imperial law, only male heirs are permitted to succeed to the throne.

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