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Kate Moss Denies Testimony Suggests that Johnny Depp Pushed the Actress Down the Stairs

On Wednesday, attorneys for both sides of the defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard worked to discredit the credibility of the opposing party as the trial came to a close and the jury was about to be asked to decide whether to believe that Mr. Depp abused Ms. Heard, that she abused him, or that there was mutual abuse.

Mr. Depp said that the message was an expression of his disbelief that Ms. Heard was making false charges against him, but he denied sending a pair of other texts that contained the words “I need.” I desire. In regard to a lady, the phrase “I take”

Benjamin Chew, an attorney for Mr. Depp, questioned Ms. Moss in response to a specific point that was brought up in Ms. Heard’s evidence early on in the proceeding. Ms. Heard detailed an altercation that occurred in 2015, in which, according to her account, she hit Mr. Depp as retaliation for his swinging at her sister while she was standing at the top of a staircase.

During her brief testimony, which was given over a video call, Ms. Moss told the jury sitting in Fairfax County, Virginia, that she remembered slipping down the stairs at a resort in Jamaica during the course of their relationship, which she stated lasted from 1994 to 1998. Ms. Moss testified that their relationship lasted from 1994 to 1998.

Ms. Heard had previously referenced the “rumour” in evidence in an earlier trial in Britain in 2020, a case that was also related with the subject of whether or not Mr. Depp had physically harmed his wife. The year was 2020. In that particular instance, Mr. Depp filed a lawsuit against a British tabloid firm and its editor after a headline in The Sun newspaper referred to him as a “wife abuser.” The court who presided over that case came to the conclusion that Mr. Depp had routinely attacked Ms. Heard while they were married and that he had caused her to be “in dread of her life.”

During the hearing that took place in London, Ms. Moss did not provide any testimony. After Ms. Heard made yet another reference to Ms. Moss in the courtroom, Mr. Depp’s legal team made the decision to bring Ms. Moss as a witness in Virginia. When she did so, on May 5th, Mr. Depp’s lead attorney, Mr. Chew, seemed to celebrate the mention by pumping his fist. This opened the way for Ms. Moss to be summoned to testify about her connection with Mr. Depp.

It is anticipated that the jury will get the case by the weekend. Technically, the members of the committee have been empaneled to evaluate whether or not the reputation of either one of the former couple’s members has been injured by misleading remarks about their troubled relationship. In order to do this, the jury will have to determine which of the two sides produced convincing evidence indicating that abuse took place.

In an opinion piece published in 2018 by The Washington Post, Ms. Heard claimed that her career suffered once she became a “public figure symbolising domestic violence,” which spurred the legal action that took place in Virginia. Although the article did not specifically identify Mr. Depp by name, he has claimed that the magazine’s references to their connection “devastated” his acting career.

The countersuit that Ms. Heard filed against Mr. Depp alleges that he defamed her when the attorney who was representing him at the time made statements to the British tabloid The Daily Mail saying that her allegations of abuse were a hoax. The seven-person jury is currently considering both of these claims.

Ms. Heard has testified that Mr. Depp’s rages were driven by his use of drugs and alcohol and were sparked by his suspicions that she was having affairs, which she has repeatedly denied. Ms. Heard testified that Mr. Depp’s rages were fueled by his use of drugs and alcohol. She said that Mr. Depp would hit, slap, and kick her. She also claimed that he had ripped off clumps of her hair and sexually attacked her while holding a bottle.

Earlier in the trial, Mr. Depp testified that Ms. Heard was someone who had a “thirst for confrontation” and a “desire for violence.” This evidence took place over the course of four days.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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