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Know the Top 10 Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine from Longevity Mountain Herbs

We all live in a fast-paced world occupied with our busy jobs, relationships, technology with little or no time to focus on health until it’s a problem. When it comes to any ailments or health challenges, the world has sought out allopathic (conventional) medicine and continues to seek out herbal medicine for answers when solutions cannot be found. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), most benefit from herbal medicine and other natural modalities due to it’s availability, cost and effectiveness. Herb medicine is gradually growing in recognition throughout the world and remains relevant with immense medicinal benefits. Herb medicine ingredients recover many with headaches, pain, flu as well as emotional imbalance (depression/anxiety) to name only a few. One such herbal medicine practice is that of Chinese herbal medicine (CHM), which is offered by Longevity Mountain Herbs, a North American herbal company headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Health is something that cannot be ignored and is a concern that we all face at some point in our lives. The Chinese way of health has helped many countries and it’s people across the world. With increasing costs of conventional medicine, Chinese medicine can impact many illnesses before they become serious syndromes. Chinese Herbal Medicine is an advanced natural medicine practice that has been developed from 2.5–5K years of observation, study, and practice. When compared to any other herbal system, Chinese herbal medicine has been preserved by generations of herbalists for nations to access. The advantages of Chinese herbal medicine are as follows:

  1. Chinese Herbology is safe and GMP Certified: Chinese Herbal Medicine has been lab-tested and has guaranteed product quality, purity, and safety for the last 20+ years. It follows all GMP guidelines, and its products are assessed by manufacturer chemists, herbalists, along with quick feedback provided by their clients. There are multiple regulatory agencies on Chinese herb purchases, which include the Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare-Department of Chinese Herbal Medicine, the Food and Drug Administration (USA), and the European Parliament-Medicine Directive (THMPD).
  2. Chinese Herbal Medicine resolves multiple ailments: The Chinese way of herbal medicine works on the root cause of the disease. For instance, if the patient has the flu, then Chinese herbal medicine will focus on the cause of the flu and solutions that remedy that condition on deep and intermediate levels, thus resolving the surface complaint. So, in relation to the flu, a person can suffer from nasal drainage, fever, coughing, sore throat, and congestion, which Chinese herbs take into account. Where conventional medicine targets the killing of microbes, Chinese herbal medicine focuses on cooling the liver and body instead, thus preventing/eradicating bacterial spread.
  3. Chinese Herbal Medicine has fewer side effects: When compared to mainstream pharmaceutical drugs, Chinese herbs have fewer side effects. Chinese herb teas are developed and then reduced to a concentration level of four. Typically, this process happens by removing 1) the water from the tea and 2) the ruffage or remains of the plant material, which makes the solution 4 times more impactful than the original material. When a proper Chinese medicine assessment is conducted, then the likelihood of side effects is zero. The effect would be similar to eating a large salad except this case-the right salad.
  4. Chinese Herb Medicine relieves imbalances in 60-90 minutes: When a seasoned Chinese medicine practitioner assesses and knows his Chinese herb formula, very surprising results occur. This is especially true in deficiency conditions. Problems with low energy, joint pain, digestive pain, reflux and bloating, heart and circulation, and ED, and organ dysfunction can improve noticeably in a very short time. This is especially beneficial to people considering surgery as well as post-medical procedures. Chronic conditions require more time – Infertility, tumors, diabetes, heart/circulation, toxicity, bone problems etc. can involve multiple, complex factors necessitating 3-12 months.
  5. Chinese Herbal Medicine formula are effective and proven: Chinese herbal medicine has proved its effectiveness many times. The claim that Chinese medicine herbal formulas are “not evidence-based, not proven effective, lacking research with extreme claims that they are dangerous, and so on” may be true. However, even with many of the valuable drugs manufactured which claim to be evidence-based, there have been many serious and even lethal problems too. Nevertheless, Chinese medicine has worked for hundreds of millions of people for many centuries and is sustained globally. It has been so beneficial that other medicinal practices have taken one specific field of Chinese medicine, focused a lifetime of study and renamed it as their brand. One such case is the originators of Chiropractic medicine, who studied Chinese Body Manipulation which has helped so many people.
  6. Chinese Herbal Medicine has demonstrated results for the body, mind, and spirit: Chinese medicine has addressed most ailments that plague mankind. Over time, CHM has found multiple causes for every syndrome or disorder. Additionally, different body types with their varied responses, have yielded many Chinese medicine formulas (100,000+) that improve the psychological state, emotional balance, and meditative consciousness while triggering physical wellness. For instance, Gui Pi Wan is a very valuable formula for restoring the reproductive system of a woman. Furthermore, it is beneficial for energy, concentration, memory, and for increasing emotional stability and the spirit of hope.
  7. Chinese Herb Medicine identifies subtle conditions before they become serious: Chinese medicine uses sensitive manual diagnostics to pick up on physical disorders. The herbalist can see patterns of imbalance in the body via body observation, eye, tongue, pulse analysis, face and so forth. This assessment allows them to drill down to the root cause. The explanation gives the practitioner a head-start and a strategy to resolve the clients’ specific health problems. The herbalist looks for the inter-relationship of the underlying issues and designs the best strategy for recovery.
  8. Chinese herb medicine concentrates on treating the whole person rather than just their presenting characteristics. The medicinal strategies are holistic, with the following goals:
  • restore balance through Chinese “food therapy”, exercise (Tai chi, Qi gong), herbs (world herbal), Tui na (massage) and finally, apply cupping and acupuncture, if the constitution can handle the process. There are more modalities which are available, as needed.
  • Chinese medicine practitioners examine the entire body with a focus on disharmony between body systems and organs. In addition, energy meridian balance is essential to recovery/avoidance. These practices are personalized for the benefit of the client.
  • Emphasizes prevention via diet, lifestyle, climate, initial onset intervention, excess avoidance, and longevity herb formulas and practices.

9. Chinese Medicine Herbalist knows the importance of the seasons and climate:

The sustaining principle here is to maintain balance or homeostasis throughout all four seasons. For example, if the human body increases its internal temperature during summer and that heat disturbs the body’s organs into an overheated condition, then the CHM herbalist will activate the body to cool via herbal and food therapies. During winter, the herbalist prescribes warming herbs, spices, food, and teas to increase the body’s heat so that body balance can be re-established. Chinese master herbalists understand the environmental conditions across the globe and help counter any imbalances that might occur as a result. When an individual prefers to reside or cannot leave a particular climate, Chinese herbology can change those conditions anywhere from 90 minutes to a week.

10. Chinese Medicine has shown us how to live a long and healthy life: The study of longevity has long been a concern of the Chinese, dating all the way back to the “Yellow Emperor”, who proclaimed that all Chinese needed to practice healthy behaviors for the benefit of the nation. The basic practices for a long life include:

a) Eat natural food full of nutrients in the appropriate season, which should not be overcooked. More veggies, less meat, low-sugar fruit, quinoa, and other nutritious grains but not in excess or limited.

b) Sleep at the proper time so that your organs can rejuvenate. According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory’s 24-hour circadian clock, the best time for bed is around 10-10:30 pm.

c) Indulge in exercises like Tai chi, Qigong, yoga, walking, stretching, light swimming, light resistance training, and hiking.

d) Avoid stress and take proper rest. Meditation, gratitude, and reading a religious book also helps.

e) Surround yourself with good and positive people who support and understand you. Do something creative that brings you joy and freedom, like art, gardening, or teaching.

f) Drink tea that balances you. Green and white teas are refreshing in the Summer; ginger or cinnamon teas are warming in the Winter; oolong tea and Chai are warming in the Fall; and citrus fruits and mint are refreshing in the Spring. Chinese medicine herbalists recommend to drink water that is naturally mineralized instead of processed drinks. Put a small chunk of pink Himalayan salt in filtered water for healthy mineralization. This helps with conducting higher energy levels.

DISCLAIMER : The aim of this article is to share the benefits of Chinese medicine, which should be known to the world at large. This is not to say that Chinese medicine is better, but that it needs to be considered for its contribution to the health restoration industry.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
I serve as a Senior Executive Journalist of The National Era
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