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Manchester United Erling Haaland has Phil Foden’s full support in the Premier League, according to Foden

Erling Haaland, the newest member of Manchester City’s roster, has been described as “scary” by colleague Phil Foden. Foden is certain that the Norwegian striker can soon adjust to life in England and establish himself as an important component of the Premier League champions’ system.

Haaland, who only last month signed a five-year deal to play for City after transferring from Borussia Dortmund, showed a taste of his goalscoring skills with a poacher’s finish in City’s 1-0 pre-season victory against Bayern Munich earlier this week.

The purchase of the 22-year-old put an end to City’s search for a replacement for their all-time leading scorer Sergio Aguero, who left for Barcelona on a free transfer the previous year. Aguero was the club’s all-time leading scorer until he went to Barcelona.

According to comments that Foden made to Sky Sports on Thursday, the new player is “a terrific addition to the club,” “makes everyone laugh,” and “is modest,” all of which are vital qualities to have when joining a team. “He’s eager to get things accomplished with us, which can only imply good things will come of it.

Because he is moving up to a whole new league that plays considerably quicker football, it is possible that it may take him some time to adjust to the new pace of the game; but, I have no doubt that once he finds his rhythm, he will be unbeatable.

“He is extremely comparable to Aguero, and Haaland’s got all sorts of finishes as well,” the commentator said of the player. If we are able to get the ball to him in the appropriate spots, he is going to be a very valuable asset for us this year.

City will begin their defence of their Premier League championship with a match away at West Ham United on August 7. On Saturday, they will compete against FA Cup champions Liverpool in the Community Shield.

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Dan O'Brien
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