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Marilia Mendonca, a Latin Grammy-winning singer, was died in an aircraft accident in Brazil

In an aircraft accident on her way to a performance, Marilia Mendonca, a Brazilian singer and Latin Grammy winner, perished on Friday. She was on her way to perform. She was 26 yrs old.

Mendonca’s office verified her death in a statement, stating that four other passengers on the flight died as a result of an accident. It was stated by the Associated Press that their jet crashed between Mendonca’s hometown of Goiania and Caratinga, a tiny city in Minas Gerais state situated north of Rio de Janeiro.

Investigations are still underway to determine what caused the accident. However, according to Reuters, the state-owned power firm Cemig said in a statement that the jet crashed with an energy distribution line operated by the business before hitting the ground.

The singer had previously released a video on her Instagram account, which showed her heading toward the airport with her guitar bag in hand. In Brazil, the emerging star sang a kind of country music known as sertanejo. She was well-known for her songs that dealt with feminist concerns.

The news sparked an outpouring of anguish on social media from people all throughout Brazil, including soccer fans, politicians, singers, and players who played in the World Cup. The death of “one of the finest artists of her time,” according to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, was lamented. According to him, “the news has taken the whole nation by surprise.”

“I refuse to believe, I just refuse,” Neymar, a Brazilian soccer star, stated on Twitter when the news of the scandal surfaced.

Her album ‘Em Todos os Cantos’ was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category of best sertanejo album in 2019. This year, she was nominated for the same prize for her performance in “Patroas.”

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