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‘Mean Girls’ Musical Reigns Supreme at the Box Office, Boosted by TikTok Success

Over the holiday weekend, “Mean Girls” dominated the theatrical box office, grossing $28 million and securing the top spot.

The musical rendition of the 2004 hit film, with TikTok playing a role in its success, outperformed other releases, including Jason Statham’s “The Beekeeper.” Paramount Pictures, employing digital marketing strategies, notably on TikTok, saw the fruits of their efforts as the film resonated with audiences.

The studio’s innovative approach included leveraging the original film’s popularity, utilizing October 3 (known as “Mean Girls Day”) for a TikTok marketing stunt, generating significant engagement. The success of “Mean Girls” provides a positive boost for the theatrical box office, demonstrating the impact of strategic digital promotion.

David Faber
David Faber
I am a Business Journalist of The National Era
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