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Meet SuzanMarie, An 18-year-old Actress Blessed With Creativity and Skills to Develop Characters the Right Way

The profession of an actress is highly demanding and comes with its own challenges. The role played by an actor or an actress plays a crucial part in the success of a film. It is enthralling and fun to see someone act but what goes behind is much tougher than one can imagine. From retakes to rehearsing and performing on screen, to translating a writer’s ideas into a live character is not easy. Launching oneself in the film industry is itself a dream shared by many for which one needs to have a unique set of gestures, accent, body language, movement and dialogues. 

One such actress who is making her mark in the film world is SuzanMarie, an 18-year-old Australian actress, writer and producer. Known for her work in Forced Marriage, a film for the United Nations, SuzanMarie received several accolades for the film. She started her film career journey with the movie Alex & Eve, where she appeared as Sara.

A Bird on the Balcony is the much-awaited movie by SuzaMarie that is set to launch in 2022 with appearances by Tony Bonner, Huw Higginson, Hannah Waterman, Anneliese Apps, and many others.

SuzanMarie’s acting career began as a 4-year-old who joined arts schools in  Australia, United Kingdom and America for her training. Since then, she has appeared in several roles in TV and films such as Hostages: Don’t Take Another Step, Renovation, Trust, Book Week, In the Hands of a Child, Troop, Do You Mind? Hollywood, A Decade On and Safe Zone. 

SuzanMarie has also starred in musicals such as The Sound of Music, Annie, Boogie Fever, Snow White, The Green Grosser and Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations. She also made her appearance at China’s “Tianjin International Children’s Culture & Art Festival” in 2015.

SuzanMarie’s story is an inspiration for all budding actors who wish to see themselves on screen. She undoubtedly has won the hearts of Australians by wearing different costumes of a singer, producer and an actress at such a young age. 

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