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Meta announces plan to sell ‘Meta Verified’ label for Facebook accounts

In a surprising move, the parent company of Facebook, Meta, has announced that it intends to sell user accounts with the coveted “Meta Verified” designation.

The “Meta Verified” label is currently reserved for high-profile individuals and organizations, such as celebrities and major brands, who have undergone a verification process to confirm their identity and authenticity on the social media platform. The label is seen as a mark of prestige and legitimacy, helping to distinguish verified users from the millions of unverified accounts on the site.

With the new plan, Meta is looking to expand the use of the “Meta Verified” label to a wider range of users, including those who are not necessarily famous or influential. The company believes that offering this label for sale could create a new revenue stream while also helping to combat the problem of fake accounts and disinformation on the platform.

However, the move has sparked concerns among privacy advocates and some users who worry that it could lead to a two-tier system where only those who can afford to pay for the “Meta Verified” label will be seen as legitimate on the platform. Critics also fear that this could worsen the problem of online harassment, with verified users becoming even more of a target for abuse.

Meta has yet to provide details on how much it will charge for the “Meta Verified” label or how the verification process will work for users who are not already high-profile. The company has said that it will be rolling out the new program gradually over the coming months, and that it will be monitoring feedback and making changes as needed.

The announcement comes at a time when Meta is under increasing scrutiny from regulators and lawmakers over its role in spreading disinformation and hate speech online. The company is also facing a backlash from some users over its recent rebranding from Facebook, which many see as an attempt to distance itself from the negative reputation of its flagship platform.

It remains to be seen whether the new “Meta Verified” program will be a success or whether it will face pushback from users and critics. For now, it is clear that Meta is continuing to explore new ways to monetize its massive user base while also trying to address some of the challenges facing the platform.

David Faber
David Faber
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