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Mr. Drip Speaks On How His Quality Stands Out From Most Jewelers

Attention to detail is a crucial area when it comes to the Jewelry business. Mr. Drip highly considers this point as one can spot his jewelry even from a mile away. The quality and craftsmanship of his products help him stand out amongst thousands of other competitive jewelers. He knows what his target clientele needs with his signature style and works accordingly to drive his products towards endless perfection. 

Mr. Drip’s passion and interest in the jewelry business stemmed from a young age. He used to accompany his father to jewelry stores, a wholesale jeweler for over 30 years. They initiated by selling engagement rings and antique jewelry pieces to stores. Even after traveling nationwide with his dad, he aimed at breaking out of the older antique jewelry business. His life entirely changed when the idea and opportunity of entering a new niche clicked in his mind. Mr. Drip started with a unique niche that interests people the moment they hear about it. He began working on high-end hip-hop jewelry & high-end watches. With a creative mind and a will to succeed, his venture thrived amongst his target audience. He reaped the utmost benefit of Instagram, one of the most popular social channels. He developed a presence amongst his target audience throughout the years, including high-status clientele in the sports, music & acting industries. After observing the excellence and fine detailing, people started calling him “Mr. Drip” because diamonds drip like water when set by him. 

With his statement pieces, Mr. Drip aims at crafting jewelry that makes a person stand out amongst a crowd. In addition, his diamond art helps people feel more confident about themselves. He strongly believes that a piece of jewelry comes alive when nurtured with a personal touch. 

Mr. Drip’s future goals involve becoming someone whose name is mentioned every time the topic of jewelry pops up. With his unique art, talent, and determination to satisfy clients, he will likely reach the level he desires.

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