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Mrs. 50 Cent Talks About 50 Cent, Beulah Jackson, Shaniqua Tompkins, Marquise Jackson, Politics, Elon Musk, Utopia, Dystopia, Anti-Christ, Twin Flames and Love

We had an opportunity to interview Kimberly “Mrs. 50 Cent” Bass to discuss upcoming plans for the future. She is currently verified on Twitter and Psychology Today as a public figure and reputable psychotherapist. Kimberly was born on September 17, 1975, in South Bend, Indiana. Kimberly and 50 Cent’s former paramour, Shaniqua Tompkins share the same birthday. Shaniqua is also the mother of 50 Cent’s first-born son, Marquise Jackson, and was with 50 Cent before he was famous. 50 Cent’s beloved grandmother, Beulah Jackson, raised him and died on September 17, 2014. 50 Cent’s contract with Starz also ended on September 17, 2022, but he was excited about the end of the deal. Mrs. 50 Cent stated, “50 Cent is known to be a number’s guy and has a history of many momentous events occurring on September 17th.” 

Mrs. 50 Cent stated 50 Cent is starting to confirm their Spiritual Marriage. She stated, “He is a marketing genius. We are seeing this play out in Raising Kanan after the character Marvin fell for a psychotherapist. I always say Hurt People Hurt People and he put a twist on my saying in the episode. Things like that make me smile and inspire me to continue to show my love for 50 Cent publicly, no matter how foolish people think I look. We know what is real and that is all that matters to me.”  

In 2022, Kimberly stated she was accepted into Pepperdine University School of Law for an opportunity to obtain a second master’s degree. Kimberly stated she has not decided if she will attend Law School yet, she stated, “I am honored to be accepted into such an exceptional law program and I am interested in legal matters including politics and I think it’s something my husband (50 Cent) should go into. So, it would benefit him to also have a helpmate that is well versed in the law. I want to assist him as much as possible and be his yang to his yin. I feel like all the various experiences I had in life and professionally prepares me to be his helpmate.” 

In March 2022, Kimberly was published in an article alluding to a utopian society being established in central Texas. March 2023, one year later Elon Musk announced his plans to build a Utopian society in central Texas. Kimberly also finished a book entitled Utopia vs. Dystopia but only did a soft release online that is receiving massive reads. Mrs. 50 Cent stated, “As for Utopian societies, that will play out more in my fictional book series that is loosely based on fiction. It features a rapper named Prince Charming, he is shot 13 times (including a head wound) and slowly obtains supernatural abilities as he recovers. He strengthens his abilities by learning from gurus and summoning deities from the underworld, becomes President of a Utopian Society but struggles with the ignorance of others, and creates a Dystopian society becoming the Anti-Christ. He struggles with the conviction of his upbringing to right his wrongs before he loses everything. He eventually falls in love with his twin flame and their pure love helps him learn to have more compassion for wicked souls.”

Mrs. 50 Cent has many projects in the works to publicly express her love for 50 Cent. She wrote and harmonized over a tract entitled “I’m the Mrs. 50 Cent” and is working on tracts with other artists dedicated to the rapper. Mrs. 50 Cent also has a tattoo with 50 Cents signature above her heart she stated, “I tattooed my husband’s name above my Grandpa, Daddy, and cousin Chris’ names. That’s a big deal to me because I’m grandpa’s baby and daddy’s girl. My cousin is like a brother to me. So, putting 50 Cent above the most important great men in my life illustrates how much I genuinely love my King Kurt.” As the years linger onward, Kimberly and 50 Cent will become the ideal love story that many people will strive to mirror. 

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