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Music Mogul Sean Combs Faces Additional Allegations of Sexual Assault from a Second Woman

In a legal development with far-reaching implications, music mogul Sean Combs, commonly known as Diddy and Puff Daddy, is facing fresh allegations of sexual assault in a lawsuit filed on Thursday. The accuser, Joi Dickerson-Neal, claims that Combs drugged and raped her in 1991, altering the course of her life and career. This comes just a week after Combs settled a lawsuit accusing him of raping and physically abusing R&B singer Cassie, who was once signed to his label.

In the lawsuit, Dickerson-Neal recounts an evening in New York during a break from Syracuse University when she alleges Combs drugged her. She claims she was taken to a location where Combs was staying and that he raped her, recording the encounter on video. The lawsuit asserts that Combs’s actions had a lasting impact on Dickerson-Neal’s career, denying her the potential success she might have achieved in the music industry.

Combs’s spokesperson, Nathalie Moar, vehemently denied the allegations, stating that he “completely denied and rejected” the claims of misconduct. Moar framed the accusations as a “money grab,” asserting that Combs, due to his fame and success, is an easy target for individuals seeking financial gain by falsifying the truth without consequence.

In the detailed 22-page complaint, Dickerson-Neal, who had a brief appearance in one of Combs’s music videos, describes the emotional trauma and clinical depression she experienced following the alleged assault. The lawsuit reveals that she had filed police reports in both New York and New Jersey, though the specifics of these reports remain unclear.

According to the court documents, when Dickerson-Neal encountered Combs at a later party, he purportedly got down on his knees, insisting that he wanted her to believe he did not commit the acts she accused him of. The decision to come forward was reportedly influenced by Dickerson-Neal reading about the lawsuit filed by R&B singer Cassie against Combs. Cassie’s lawsuit was settled just one day after its filing, accusing Combs of rape and physical abuse over approximately a decade.

This legal development is part of a broader trend in which several cases have been filed under the Adult Survivors Act against prominent figures in recent weeks. Notable names include Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses, music executive L.A. Reid, Neil Portnow (former head of the organization behind the Grammy Awards), Mayor Eric Adams of New York, and photographer Terry Richardson.

In response to the allegations, lawyers for Dickerson-Neal released a statement commending her courage for coming forward and holding Combs accountable. However, they declined to provide further comments on the ongoing legal proceedings.

As the legal landscape evolves and survivors find a platform to voice their experiences, these cases underline the importance of addressing allegations of sexual abuse and the potential consequences for high-profile figures. The intersection of the Adult Survivors Act with these recent lawsuits emphasizes a growing push for accountability and justice in cases of historical sexual misconduct.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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