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Nine Indians were among the ten foreigners murdered in a shooting in the Maldives

Officials in the Maldives‘ capital city of Male reported at least 10 deaths early on Thursday morning due to a fire that started in a garage.

Authorities believe that several of the dead were foreign labourers from neighbouring nations. An official in the Male administration informed The Hindu that the Maldives Police Service was investigating to verify the individuals’ identities.

An evacuation centre has been set up at Maafannu Stadium for individuals who have been displaced by the fire in Male, the National Disaster Management Authority of the Maldives tweeted on Thursday morning. Plans are in place to provide aid and support to those in need. It failed to disclose any deaths.

One of the world’s most populous cities is the capital of the island chain that is best recognised as a luxurious vacation spot. Ten victims were reportedly found on the second story of the structure, which had been destroyed in the fire that had started in a car garage on the ground level.

An officer with the fire department said, “We have recovered 10 dead.” They estimated that it took them four hours to put out the fire.

According to a security officer, among the deceased were nine citizens of India and one citizen of Bangladesh. Different political factions in the Maldives have voiced their disapproval of the living and working circumstances for foreign nationals.

They come largely from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, and they are estimated to make up roughly half of Male’s 250,000 strong population.

The Covid-19 outbreak, which spread three times as quickly among immigrant workers than among natives, shed attention on their substandard living circumstances.

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