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On August 13, the gathering known as “Haqeeqi Azadi jalsa” will be held in Lahore by Imran Khan’s party

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party, which is led by the ex-prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, has announced that it would now host its “Haqeeqi Azadi jalsa” demonstration in Lahore on August 13.

The protest was originally proposed to take place at the Parade Ground in Islamabad by the party.

According to a report from Dawn, Azhar Mashwani of the PTI stated that party chief Imran Khan had decided to move the venue of the rally from Islamabad’s Parade Ground to the Lahore Hockey Ground after a political committee assembly with different party members. The assembly was held with party members from across the country.

“The patriotic Pakistanis of Lahore will commemorate the 75th Independence Day in a great way at Hockey Stadium Lahore,” he remarked, noting that Imran Khan would attend the rally and treat the fans in the appropriate manner as well.

After Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah warned the PTI of “dire consequences” if its employees disrupted regulation and order or resorted to violence during the party’s rally on August 13 in Islamabad, sources claim that the PTI decided to change its original plan. The rally in question was scheduled to take place in Islamabad.

According to the sources, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) gave his approval to the suggestion to organise the protest in Lahore rather than Islamabad because of concern that the federal government could create impediments.

Earlier, on the 6th of August, the PTI announced that it would organise a public meeting in Islamabad on the 14th of August. After some time had passed, the political party announced through its official Twitter account that the event would be held on the nation’s Independence Day.

According to a story in Dawn, the leader of the PTI claimed on Sunday that he will reveal a strategy to “fight this fascism” throughout the course of the protest that took place on August 13.

It is important to note right here that the PTI is aiming to boost the ante in opposition to the current government by requesting that they call early elections in the country. This is something that is crucial to bring out right here.

Imran Khan, the leader of the PTI, has stated on multiple occasions over the course of the party’s history that “only early elections can end economic and political crises in Pakistan.” He has also stated that properly timed elections would have been able to save the country from the current financial disaster that it is experiencing.

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan said that there is only one way for Pakistan to get out of the situation that it is now in, and that is to ensure that recent general elections are held across the country.

It is important to point out right here that PTI chief Imran Khan has, over time, reiterated on conducting recent elections in the nation saying that “only early election can end economic, political crises in Pakistan.” This is pertinent to point out right here because it is pertinent to point out right here that Imran Khan is the leader of the PTI.

The former prime minister, who was recently removed from office, said that properly planned elections would have protected the country from the current economic crisis that it is experiencing.

The party staged a lengthy Azadi March on July 25, heading in the direction of Islamabad. However, the PML-N-led federal authorities prevented the march from entering the capital city.

However, the PTI was still successful in getting into the capital, only for the rally to be cancelled later by PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Khan explained that he cancelled the event to avoid conflict, and he also announced that he will return to the capital once again.

Imran Khan has said that his party would continue to demonstrate against the “imported” authorities in Pakistan up to the release of the results of the most recent elections.

Increasing the number of voices that are opposed to atrocities and injustices is a duty that falls on the national level. Khan further said that the impoverished people are being negatively affected by the enormously increased inflation that has been caused by the present administration.

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