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Open days are held at the Paris School of Decorative Arts; here’s a peek at the school’s fashion curriculum

The Paris School of Decorative Arts (École des Arts Décoratifs de Paris), which seeks to “train future artists and designers to be creators of contemporary decor and transformers of tomorrow’s world,” will open its workshops to the public on January 27 and 28, 2023, giving prospective students a glimpse into the school’s know-how and creation and allowing them to learn more about the fashion courses available.

The purpose of the textile and material design course is to help students develop their creative potential as well as their capabilities in the areas of research and innovation. These are transferable skills that can be used in the design of textiles, materials, and surfaces for housing and architecture, clothing, objects, automobiles, aeronautics, public facilities, and other fields.

The teaching of clothing design at the Paris School of Decorative Arts strives to comprehend clothing design by incorporating contemporary themes such as eco-responsibility and recycling. This is accomplished via a variety of diverse methodologies, each of which are taught separately. In light of the fact that the fashion industry is widely regarded as one of the most damaging to the natural world, the Paris School of Decorative Arts has made it its mission to educate environmentally conscious designers who can bring a fresh perspective to the creation of fashionable garments and accessories.

The Paris School of Decorative Arts, the Dauphine – PSL institution, and the Mines Paris – PSL institution worked closely together to create the master’s degree that is now known as the Enamoma / PSL degree. This degree programme seeks to contribute to the development of a more socially conscious and responsible fashion business via the promotion of higher education and research. The Master Mode & Matière is a devoted and multidisciplinary place for experimentation that combines academic and practical skills with the purpose of training future professionals in the fields of design, management, and engineering.

Each year, more than 800 designers from ten different fields (Art-space, interior design, film animation, graphic design, product design, textile and material design, clothing design, printed image, photo/video studies, and scenography), along with the Master’s degree in Fashion and Matter – Enamoma / PSL, commit themselves to creating the material, visual, and imaginary environment of today and to thinking about the changing societal and artistic landscape. This is done in conjunction with the programme.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
I serve as a Senior Executive Journalist of The National Era
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