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Perhaps, with the help of DNA and luck, an orphan elephant and her mother can be reunited.

A group of locals came upon the elephant, who was alone and very dehydrated. During the month of September 2017, the motherless animal roaming the streets of Boromo, Burkina Faso, had only been alive for 2 or 3 months.

According to Celine Sisler-Bienvenu, who works as a senior programme officer for European disaster response and risk reduction at the International Fund for Animal Welfare, “she was a young girl.” She believes the elephant was found within a day or two after being separated from its family, according to Ms Sisler-Bienvenu. In any other circumstance, she would not have lived.

A large number of orphaned elephants do not make it through the winter. Nevertheless, because to the efforts of residents of Borromeo and the surrounding area, worldwide environmentalists, and Whisty, a black and white sheep who has become her closest friend, the feared elephant is now almost four years old and in good health. Naniya, or “Will,” was given to her by students at a neighbouring school.

While going through this procedure, Nania encounters an unusual challenge. Similarly to how DNA technology has reunited orphaned human children with their birth parents, an animal DNA test carried out this year revealed that Naniya’s mother may still be wandering nearby, and that one day Nania will not only be discovered in the wild, but that she will also be reunited with her original family.

Naniya and her family are jungle elephants, according to the results of a DNA test. A juvenile forest elephant is being rehabilitated as part of a programme to ensure the survival of the species, according to those who are trying to preserve it. Forest elephants were classified as a distinct species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature earlier this year, distinguishing them from Africa’s bigger and more savanna-like savannah elephants. As a result, they have been classified as severely endangered.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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