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Random flights, crowded tents, and a sense of hope and chaos are all part of the Afghan evacuation.

When President Biden declared the airlift of refugees from Kabul a “amazing success” on the final day of August, top diplomats and military officials in Doha, Qatar, sent out a daily status report designated “sensitive but unclassified.”

According to their account, the situation in Doha was deteriorating. Al Udeid Air Post, home to the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing and Camp As Sayliyah, a U.S. Army base in Iraq’s Persian Gulf country, housed almost 15,000 Afghan refugees in aircraft hangars and wedding-style tents.

229 unaccompanied minors were held in the vicinity of the facility, including adolescent males who had bullied small children on many occasions. In addition to the “high number of pregnant women,” some of whom need medical care, complaints of “gastrointestinal issues” among migrants are becoming more and more common.

Tuesday (August 31), Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the White House to commemorate the arrival of a privately chartered aircraft from Mazar-i Sharif, Afghanistan’s fourth biggest city, to Doha Air Force Base, only hours after the two-year war in the United States came to an end. – A stopover in Afghanistan was one of ten in eight nations with no prior warning, no American citizens, but hundreds of Afghans. The aircraft manifest seems to have been leased by a former Marine Corps legal company, but it is “unclear” if its passengers will be required to acquire special visas in order to assist the United States military in its operations.

Officials in the United States have said that the refugees are being carefully screened, with fingerprints, photographs, and biographical information being entered into government databases in order to filter out possible threats. Mr. Mayorkas said that the Defense Department has delivered hundreds of biometric scanning devices to 30 different nations.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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